Page 107 of 365: Bad Teacher


I opened this blog post to start writing it two hours ago. Since then my eyes have got heavier, I’ve watched six YouTube videos and decided I want to by a t-shirt the vlogbrothers designed saying Batman is a glorified bat enthusiast.



Today I want to talk about teacher’s who aren’t very nice to their pupils. I think I’ve talked about my maths teacher that hates me before, but I just wanted to say that if you have a teacher that doesn’t like you and singles you out, patronises you and is rude about you – you really don’t have to put up with it.

At my school we have this ‘support system’ (I use the term very loosely) called a Blue Card, where you lose some of your free periods and are made to go to silent study sessions to do extra work that you’re meant to be set, but no one ever sets work. It’s called a Blue card because it is literally a blue piece of card that you (I) have to get signed to prove I went to study.

Today, I was told (a week late) that I’d been taken off blue card by my English Lit teacher and my maths teacher hadn’t renewed it because ‘if I didn’t know it now, I never would’.

Less than two months before my maths exams (bearing in mind, I have five) I feel like that isn’t the kind of attitude my teacher should be taking – I’m not saying I want to be on blue card but if he thinks (knows) I’m still struggling surely it makes sense to put me in more studies? So I’m forced to revise more and get better at maths?

Apparently not, my revision is actually going okay to be honest and I’m determined to get the C I need without his help (he’s not taught me a thing this year). My mum says if I get an A she’s going to sing a song telling him he’s an asshole.

I’m going to get an A in maths.

I’mm joking, mostly, but I’m not going to do anything about my awful teacher because I have 19 school days until I never have to go back ever again and it’s a lot of fuss for such a short time period but I just wanted to say this kind of behaviour from a teacher towards a student is not positive and shouldn’t be tolerated.

If it weren’t for my mum, I would have no incentive to work for my maths A Level. My maths teacher is getting zero credit for my grades.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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