Page 106 of 365: LouiseLIVE – Sprinkle of Glitter show!



I’ve blogged about Miss Louise Sprinkle of Glitter before (Inspirational Sprinkle of Glitter, page 18 – a post she liked on tumblr!) but I got tickets to her show LouiseLIVE today and I want to talk about how much I love Louise and how excited I am for the show.

I love Louise and I’m so excited for the show.

I’m joking, I’m joking, but in all seriousness – there’s no way this blog would have made it 106 days into the project if it weren’t for her blog and her style; I’m so excited about the book she’s releasing because I love how her chatty and friendly tone shines through her writing and I can’t wait to learn about how to be a proper girl with her book.

I’m just learning how to do make up, watch my questionable first make-up tutorial I put on my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago:

I learnt most of this from Sprinkle of Glitter, doddleoddle Dodie Clark and making so many mistakes.

I was really disappointed not to go to her shows in Northampton last year as they were only a few weeks before my interview at the Uni there but I’m so excited for the show this year.

I’m going to London on June 20th, which is the day after my last ever school exam and the day before I go to meet my friend from America (also the week before my prom, but irrelevant). I’m excited for the audience interaction and seeing Louise in person – she’s such a big inspiration to me and my sister and being able to see her in real life is going to be really motivational for me and hopefully I’ll have blue and purple hair at the time!

I’m really excited to go with my sister, Laura. I’ve been to a few concerts with her but we enjoy concerts in very different ways so we tend to go with different groups of friends but neither of us have ever been to a YouTube show like this and we both adore Louise – I see a lot of Louise in my sister and I feel like she’d fit in well with the YouTube community, even if she doesn’t make videos.

I’m excited to spend the day in London with her as well – it’ll be an adorable sister’s day out, we’ve already planned to have some form of pizza for lunch before the show and maybe a trip to Covent Garden – I’m so excited!

Blogging drinking game: how many times have I used the word ‘excited’ in this blog post!

Let me know if you’re going to LouiseLIVE, especially if you’re going in London!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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