Page 105 of 365: Future Hearts #1



Two notices: one – still feeling pretty crappy so I can’t promise a particularly intellectual blog post and two – yes, I’m talking about All Time Low and their newest album Future Hearts again but it’s new information. I’ve not resorted to blogging about the same topic twice as of yet!

In the video I posted on YouTube at the weekend, I talked about how I found All Time Low as a band (and 5 Seconds of Summer) and my favourite concert experiences.

I was asked to make this video by a few people on tumblr and by the time I uploaded the video, All Time Low were confirmed to have reached number 1 in the UK Album chart with Future Hearts – the first time they’ve ever reached this chart position and I wanted to talk about how I feel about it.

Phrasing it that way makes it seem like I’m disappointed – of course I’m not, my favourite band are growing and prospering and they’re reaching these incredible heights and I couldn’t be happier, the only reason I don’t seem so immediately ‘happy’ (I feel a bit melancholy writing this but that might be something to do with the 48 hour headache) is because I can’t find the words to describe how proud I am.

I’ve heard of some fans being really grumpy when bands they like get really popular because it’s like sharing your favourite thing with the world and merch gets more expensive and it makes it harder to get concert tickets but that really doesn’t bother me.

I don’t mind spending money on bands because it means they can carry on doing what they’re doing – if people don’t buy their music, they have less income to make more music and I fully believe in artists getting paid for music I like. Along the same lines I don’t mind the price of merch unless it’s absolutely extortionate – more than £20 and I will not buy a t-shirt.

I’m so proud of All Time Low and Future Hearts – I’ve talked about it, what feels like, non-stop on here, I’ve listened to nothing else and if my friends weren’t also ATL fans I’m sure they’d be sick to death of it (that’s why I don’t talk about 5SOS in front of them anymore!). I’m proud of the album I had no part in making – I love how varied it is and how it’s got these amazing musical references to All Time Low and its roots but it explores new and different things that I adore – I can’t explain enough how much I love this album.

I’ve learnt most of the words in just over a week. All the words to a sixteen song album. 

Future Hearts is definitely my favourite All Time Low album, obviously there will always be a place in my heart for the amazing older songs but Future Hearts is here to stay.

Since I got my 5SOS tattoo (blog post here) I’ve thought about getting an All Time Low one. Their logo – skull and cross bones, tiny bit morbid – is what lead singer Alex Gaskarth has tattooed behind his ear and I thought about getting that done, maybe on the back of my neck or somewhere near the tally, but I wasn’t sure.

It’s a nice design but I never really felt like it was ‘me’ – with the tally I could apply other meanings but with this I couldn’t. But then I saw this on my instagram feed and fell in love.

The Future Hearts artwork/logo is gorgeous, so simple but meaningful and a little bit pretentious – that’s much more me. I don’t know where I want it and I’m not going to rush it, but it’s going on my list.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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