Page 101 of 365: Prom Dress Shopping



I was going to try and make some sort of joke about ‘101 Blog Posts’ but I couldn’t think of anything legitimately funny so that’s as far as the joke is going today.

It’s silly to say today I ‘realised’ I’ve got a prom in a couple of months, but I remembered that I haven’t started looking for a dress yet and I’m so picky that I really should. I have a couple of ideas but I don’t really get all the prom fuss, to be honest. 

It’s going to be fun and it’ll be a nice way to see the rest of my year group in it’s entirety but everyone’s getting so pent up about ‘prom’ being this incredible thing but I’m kind of indifferent about the whole thing. I like dressing up and feeling pretty and getting a bit drunk but it’s just an expensive party, isn’t it?

I am excited about the dress though – I’ve got a few ideas, I think I want it to be blue, probably something with a bit of chiffon and I’m very excited about the heels but I have no idea where to look.

Any suggestions for prom dress websites would be greatly appreciated in the comments! What are your thoughts on prom? Overrated or fun dressing up with your mates? Let me know!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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