Page 100 of 365: ‘Friday Night with Fiona and Sophie’



Happy 100th blog post! In 100 days I’ve only missed one post and I made up for it the next day. I’m really proud that I’ve actually committed to this and managed to see it through this far – I’m excited to see where the rest of this year takes me. Mostly excitedly. Somewhat terrified.

Anyway! Me and my mum have had this idea for a while. Probably a year to be honest, maybe longer. We love chat shows – we loved Jonathan Ross when it was on BBC and when Graham Norton moved to the Friday night slot, we became somewhat religious viewers. That’s got to be 6 or 7 years ago, so we’re quite the chat show experts!

Then I had this idea – this idea where you invite a celebrity onto the show but also their parents; you could get so many good childhood stories and photos and also having the interview with the guest and it would be hilarious and I could host and it was one of my many dream jobs (as well as playing Doctor Who’s assistant).

The idea then developed when I told my mum and together we decided that it would be funnier if she interviewed the celebrities and I interviewed their parents. I think this stemmed from thinking about my mum making friends with 5 Seconds of Summer whilst I had a chat with Liz Hemmings about Luke’s childhood (it’s a brilliant idea and nothing will convince me otherwise).

And since then the whole show has been a running joke, somewhat so that we’ve planned the whole thing and I really want it to happen. I’m sure mum will get into it when she gets a taste of fame! (I am joking, my mum isn’t entirely that shallow).

We now have the whole show planned and the whole Luckett family are going to be involved. Our set will be like a house – we’ll have a bar like room where Mum interviews the celebrities, a lounge like room where I shall interview the sophisticated parents (or children, depending on the age of our guests) and a two-room green room (that will actually be green) that consists of a make-up room and a kitchen. My sister will be in charge of doing the guests make-up and my dad can provide snacks for the guests. But we can also have challenges in these rooms – guests doing each other’s make-up and make-up challenges from YouTube and we can have cooking games and cake decorating and the guests can chill with my sister and my dad before and after their interview.

Whilst consistently drinking. Not drunk stumbling around admitting your darkest secrets, just chilled, tipsy, comfortable drinking. It’ll be fun.

We also had ideas that we’d reenact the music videos of whatever musical guests were on that week – this stemmed from talking about 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘She Looks So Perfect’ video and people dancing around in their underwear (this conversation happened the same day as deciding we were going to have a chat show). It would be hilarious, we’d make it really funny.

It’s silly – I’m getting excited about an idea that will probably never happen, but if anyone happens to know a BBC producer then do let me know, because I’m so up for making this reality. Not even exclusively to BBC, but I do love the BBC.

Thank you for 100 blog posts, thank you for the next 265, thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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