Page 99 of 365: Walk in the Woods (photography)



Today has been so chilled and lovely and I’m actually excited to blog about it.

All Time Low, that band I haven’t shut up about since Monday, were in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge today and obviously I couldn’t do anything with my day until they’d performed their own single ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and a cover of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’. Both were fantastic, you can watch the Sia cover here if you like (I highly recommend it).

After that, I walked into town to have lunch with my sister. We both took our cameras and took a very scenic walk home. She took most of the pictures because I fancied playing model for the afternoon.

Showing off my new ‘Future Hearts’ crewneck that arrived this morning!

She told me too look off into the distance and I’m a good model so I did what I was told.

I really love this little area of town, I often forget other people know it’s there.

She asked me if I could be pouting anymore, I told her yes and this picture was created.

After arriving home, my sister decided she didn’t want to join me for a walk in the woods so I grabbed my headphones and started listening to Future Hearts (again) as I walked and took pictures. About halfway through my walk I realised the woods was silent bar the sound of birds and it was beautiful and peaceful and I turned off Alex Gaskarth for a little bit.

Couldn’t have a photography afternoon without starting with a little bit of lens flare now, could we?

I love this photo purely because of Doctor Who and pretending that Amy and Rory Pond are a mile and a quarter away.

I don’t know why I really like photos like this but it’s not the only one I took. Just saying.

I thought this looked kind of spooky with the sun behind the clouds. I don’t know, I just really love the woods.

Can’t resist a pretentious DSLR selfie. My eyeliner is fab.

The sun came out and someone had tried to build a den of sticks and I wanted to play but I was too big and also alone.

When the sun came out the shadows of the trees looked really beautiful.

I suppose you could call this a stream, but I love the overgrown, ruggedness of it!

Pretty flowers and black skinny jeans. Obviously.

I found The Ponds! Also the sun was really cooperative for this photo.

Overgrown ruggedness; I’m a sucker for thee.

The bench across the pond is the first bench I sat on. Then I found another bench.

Again, good lighting, selfies. Apparently I really like my own face.

Light, trees, is this repetitive because I still love it.

This might be my favourite photo to be honest – I love light and shadows.

I went for my walk a little bit early – if I’d waited till the sun was setting a bit more I could have made more pretentious lens flares and got some more interesting colours but I walked three miles so I’m not going out again today!

I’m now exhausted and my right knee is making a pain more apparent but I’ll ignore it until it breaks or falls off or something.

Thank you for reading!

Sophie xx

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