Page 97 of 365: I can’t stop listening to Future Hearts


Why hello there!

When I wrote yesterday’s review of All Time Low’s new album Future Hearts, I knew I would love the album, I knew I would spend the next few weeks listening to it and loving it and learning words but I didn’t think I’d love it this much.

I love all the songs, I adore the songs but I’ve been listening to it and googling lyrics all day. When trying to think of something to blog about all I could think about was writing a review of the deluxe tracks on Future Hearts that I didn’t have yesterday.

I can’t listen to anything else, which isn’t surprising, but I can’t think about anything else! I’ve been so excited about this album for so long that now that it’s here I can’t quite comprehend thinking about anything else? I’m desperately waiting for my preorder package to accompany my CD – I’ve got a crewneck sweatshirt and posters and polaroids on the way, I’m so excited!

It’s not to have something to be so excited about – I don’t get excited about things like this in ‘real life’. My sister reminded me today that she hadn’t seen me this excited since the day 5SOS announced and made their album available for preorder.

It was a lot of information in one go, I was very excited.

My dad was on holiday, my mum was at work, my sister was at school and I was on study leave – I’d been at home all day, reluctantly studying, and following 5 Seconds of Summer as they made announcement after announcement. 

There was the album, a game, the preorder of the album, Good Girls available, the studio version of Good Girls! It was a lot of information and my little fangirl heart exploded. So when my sister got home, I literally threw myself down the stairs in excitement. She finds it hilarious and I think of it really fondly because it was so exciting and I was so happy and, before now, it was probably the last time I got really excited about something!

It’s a fond memory, I get really uncontrollably excited about my favourite band’s music!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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