Page 96 of 365: Future Hearts – All Time Low (album review)



At six minutes past midnight this morning, I received an email from iTunes saying my pre-order of Future Hearts by All Time Low (expected April 7th) was available for download.

On April 6th.

It made me so incomprehensibly excited that I saved it to listen to in the morning and proceeded to not be able to fall asleep till 2am but here we are 12 hours later and I’m about to listen to the album for the first time.

When finding the photo for today’s post, I noticed I used the same album artwork for Page 12 of 365: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Review – 84 days ago I reviewed the first single from this album and 84 days later I get to review the whole album.

So without further ado – let’s listen track by track…

1. Satellite: The bass in the introduction is really heavy and I love it, the sound is generally heavier than All Time Low’s previous album’s but that’s by no means a criticism – I really like. Satellite sounds like a proper anthem that would be amazing when you have a whole audience singing it back at you. It’s definitely an album introduction song but it’s an introduction that gets you excited for the rest of the album.

2. Kicking and Screaming: If there’s a song that sounds like it starts kicking and screaming it this one – it kicks you in the chest with guitars and makes you want to jump up and down in a mosh pit. It’s less bass-y than Satellite but still somewhat progressed from their last album? I’m trying to describe the balance between still having their ‘All Time Low’ but also developing without it sounding negative? They’re growing as a band and making good music – there.

3. Something’s Gotta Give: Normally when I listen to a song on repeat, I start to hate it but I adore this song – for me, it’s the perfect mix of pop-rock and pop-punk or however you want to describe them but it’s the perfect song for me. It’s exactly my favourite genre of music, even though I don’t know how you’d describe that without someone telling me I’m wrong.

4. Kids In The Dark: Another one of the pre-order songs and definitely my favourite – having seen this song performed live when I saw All Time Low perform at Wembley and having it be my favourite song they performed I have a special place in my heart for this song – I love it, right now it stands to be my favourite song on the album but we’re only four tracks in so that doesn’t say very much!

5. Runaways: Apparently all the pre-order tracks were together. I really like this song but it was released just after Wembley and listening to it made my post-gig depression worse but it’s a really good song – I love the premise and the lyrics are really beautiful. Very punk rock – very ‘get out of my town’.

6. Missing You: I already love this song – it’s light hearted, fun and kind of folky? I think the lyrics might break me. Alex Gaskarth’s lyrics are my favourite. He’s talked about his town, it’s punk rock. HE WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND IT’S ADORABLE. I really love Alex Gaskarth, I want to get drunk with him on a karaoke night. This song is such a friendship song and it makes me think of Jenny because I love her and ‘don’t lose your fight kid’. ‘If you need a friend then please just say the word’ these lyrics are beautiful, not even necessarily romantic and I really love it. This song is rivalling Kids In The Dark – I adore it.

7. Cinderblock Garden: Can I start every song review with ‘I already love this song’? This song seems edgier, like it might be played in a basement while parents are asleep upstairs and they want to make some trouble. I’ll take this moment to truly appreciate Rian Dawson’s drumming because he’s phenomenal and I feel like everyone overlook’s drummers but it’s incredible. Also, I really want to learn drums a lot – anger management, right?

8. Tidal Waves (ft. Mark Hoppus): Another pre-order song that I didn’t listen to because post-gig and it sounded vaguely ballad-y and I wasn’t prepared for that kind of emotion and I still don’t think I am. It’s a sad song and the lyrics are sad and it isn’t happy and ‘let me be your friend’; it’s a break up song. ‘I can’t escape this feeling ‘cos something ain’t right’, alongside references to water (because Tidal Waves) are just beautiful – some really beautiful lyrics, good collab with Mark Hoppus.

9. Don’t You Go: I feel like this is going to complete contrast Tidal Waves and I’m right – it’s guitars, fast lyrics and heavy drums with angsty party lyrics. This is another song that would work really well live especially with a bunch of sweaty strangers all partying together. The guitar line in this is so catchy and before the last chorus drops they use an isolated vocal lines and I love that a lot. (see End Up Here, 5 Seconds of Summer)

10. Bail Me Out (ft. Joel Madden): I know of the Madden brothers but I haven’t really heard them before and my first comment has to be that I love Joel’s vocals here. This song is quite conversely pop-y, catchy and the guitar/bass are really great. The backing vocals are much more involved in this song in both harmonies and support and I really love having more vocal lines to learn. (I’m not even being sarcastic).

11. Dancing With A Wolf: Just from the title I’ve got loads of music video ideas but with the off-beat and swinging rhythm I’m already improvising a dance in my head. This is easily rivalling Kids In The Dark for my favourite – I adore the guitars, the drums, the vocals and I’m aware that most of my music reviews just end up really repetitive but this song is so far my favourite and it’s the first time I’ve ever listened to it. 10/10 A* for All Time Low.

12. The Edge of Tonight: I was excited about this song just from the title and I love the introduction. I always find my favourite songs from an album are usually at the end and I’m sure that’s something deliberate from the music industry but this song has captured my interest. I’m imagining music videos again and I’m going to have to start making some music videos because I’m feeling very inspired right now.

Any bands want a music video? My email address is on my YouTube channel. All the self-promotion!

13. Old Scars/Future Hearts: I feel like this is going to be ‘the’ song – the title song is always one of the best because it was good enough to name the album. This one’s hitting hard – I’m feeling sci-fi vibes and I didn’t think I’d ever get that from music. Again, inspired for music video ideas and that when I know I really like a song if it’s inspiring me in other mediums. I know I’m going to listen to song’s a lot when they grab my attention, make me want to hear them live and inspire me to make music videos. That’s a perfect song. Including this one. I’m thinking kind of Matrix-ish.

In conclusion: full marks, All Time low win the music industry – I love this album a lot and I’ve only listened to it once. I’m over my post-gig depression I can listen to this album on repeat until I go to see McBusted in Nottingham on the 18th.

I’ve been waiting for this album for what feels like years and my physical copy should arrive in the post tomorrow with posters and polaroids and crew neck jumper! I’m so pumped, I’m so ready to love this album.

I’m really excited to hear more of these songs live. I really love All Time Low a whole heap and this is why they’re my favourite band, 5 Seconds of Summer are a close second.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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