Page 93 of 365: Selfies = Self-Confidence



I take a fair few selfies, I am not ashamed to admit this. 

All of these were taken in the last three days, I don’t know if that says I’m vain or confident but I’d like to think it strikes a balance between the two.

What I’m saying it, I think taking selfies helps boost your self confidence. If your eyeliners looks hella or your hair is on point, you should capture it and share it!

I fully believe that faking self-confidence is the best way to become self-confident – less than a year ago there was no way you would ever find me saying my eyes are a pretty colour, my eyeliner game is strong or that my hair is great but those are all things that I believe now.

I still have insecurities – obviously, I’d be concerned if I didn’t – but pretending that my selfies were the best pictures to grace the internet got me halfway to believing they are.

Sophie Counts Clouds, promoting body confidence 100%!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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