Page 91 of 365: First missed day! Or was it an April Fools?



I never thought this day was come. Around half past midnight this morning I realised that I hadn’t been home properly since half past six that morning and I had not posted on my blog. And at half past midnight I was a little bit tipsy and felt quite ill so opening my computer to think of a blog post that was already technically a day late so I took some painkillers and went to bed.

In my defense: I wasn’t drunk, I think I’m ill and I had really bad stomach cramps. Definitely wasn’t drunk I promise, I sat up chatting to my mum for almost an hour – if I was drunk i wouldn’t have wanted my mum to know!

I’ve just thought of what would have been a good excuse. I could have just said it was April Fools. Or just uploaded a ten word post that said ‘I’m quitting the blogging project’. That would have been funny. Damn it, hind sight is an awful thing. Like when you had an argument with someone and three years later you think of the best come back.

I feel I have to justify why I missed a day after 90 straight days so I’ll tell you about my day to prove I didn’t have time.

I needed to go into a city near my home and my mum works there but she leaves at 8am and I have to feed a cat I’m looking after for my dance teacher so we had to leave at 7.45am, so I woke up at 6.30am to get dressed, do my hair and do my make-up. I was in the city that I don’t want to name for the sake of internet safety (see mum, I am safe) by about 8.30 and then I went to a thing.

I was at this thing for approximately four and a half hours, I don’t want to talk about it until I know if something comes about it but it was good and I think it went well. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ominous online before but if something comes from it, it’ll be really cool. 

After I finished the thing, I had a couple of bits to buy from Lush for my hair so it looks pretty and I got a bus home. I met up with Jenny and I got a hot chocolate and I went and bought a new foundation and my first Real Techniques face brush thing for the make-ups and then we went and sat in the cold for a bit and then we bought cake and hung out at hers looking at star sign posts on tumblr.

It was fabulous and then I went home and made dinner with my sister before touching up my make-up and getting changed and going to two different pubs and making a house-party-gathering. That’s where the drinking thing happened and then I realised I hadn’t blogged.

So: justifiably, I think, I wasn’t home for long enough to write a blog post but you will get two blog posts today! I’ve planned what the second one is and everything!

Thank you for all the positive feedback on ‘yesterday’s’ post – I really, really love this tattoo and I’m so happy with it.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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