Page 89 of 365: I can’t write anymore



This isn’t me declaring I’m quitting blogging or writing completely, I just find it really hard to write creatively anymore. Blogging I’m all set for – I manage a post a day and I’m starting to get ahead by writing a couple of posts a day but writing creatively is really hard work.

Yesterday’s post for example – I really liked the idea, I liked the idea of that kind of relationship and I wanted to explore and I had ideas for a second part but I just couldn’t write it. It took me somewhere between half an hour and a whole hour to write that post when it should have taken ten to fifteen minutes tops.

I find it really difficult to sit down and write or concentrate on anything right now, including school work which doesn’t help because I get a headache every time I have to concentrate on anything.

Writing used to be the thing I used to procrastinate but now I browse tumblr pointlessly until I get bored of that and go back to writing. Since I’ve started writing for 18,000 followers and I really want to get a second draft of my book finished writing has become less fun and I hate that because I’m actually quite good at it.

That’s not even me being vain that’s me learning that it’s okay to say I’m good at something.

I’m giving the book a break – I’m hoping when I finish my exams and I start manically making YouTube videos and blog posts to cater for being in Ecuador for 28 days that I might be able to write some more of my book because it’s the thing I am most proud of in my whole life ever, it’s like my baby.

It makes me really sad that I don’t feel I can enjoy writing right now but I just hope when I never have to go to school again (oh my god, I’m so excited) that I’ll be able to feel more creative. I’m creatively exhausted right now. I’m creatively dead, I need me creative resurrection.

I’m so tired. This got weird.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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