Page 86 of 365: How to make chocolate chip brownies!



I wrote a blog post months ago called ‘How to make rocky road’ and it’s one of the most successful blog posts I’ve ever made, so when I had to make cake for another Cake Friday in English Literature, I thought I’d blog about the brownies I was making!

Conclusion: (just to convince you that they’re definitely worth making) they were delicious and I’m not that great a baker, so they’re pretty easy to make!

Disclaimer/Note/Thing: I don’t know who ‘Sue’ is, when I was kid I thought it was my aunt, but my Mum told me recently that whoever gave her the recipe got it off someone called Sue. I do not know who Sue is. Recipe!

Step 1: Ingredients!

You will need:
8oz butter
3oz cocoa powder
4oz plain chocolate (we used dark cooking chocolate, I think!)
4 medium/large eggs
1lb soft brown light sugar
4oz self raising flower
anything you want to put in, we put in chocolate chips but I’d love to try cherries but you might want to put nuts or something in!

Step 2: Turn your oven on to 180 degrees C or 350 degrees F.

Step 3: Step 2 on the recipe says to ‘butter your largest roasting pan’ but we just put grease proof paper into a baking tray. It’s totally the same thing.

Step 4: I think you’re meant to measure out all the ingredients beforehand but we did not do that. Measure out 8oz of butter into a bowl. The recipe is great but we did ignore bits of it – rather than using a saucepan we put it in the microwave and melted it that way.

Step 5: Make sure you’re listening to some banging tunes. I recommend All Time Low’s album Future Hearts which is fully released April 3rd but some songs have been released on pre-order and they’re amazing and I’m in love.

Kids in the Dark live is the best thing in the world*.

*May or may not actually be the best thing in the world.

Step 6: Measure out 3oz of cocoa powder and stir it into the melted butter until they’re ‘blended’. Can’t criticise me for not using the exact wording of the recipe. I’m realising that putting the recipe at the top is making this blog post somewhat irrelevant. Wonderful!

Step 7: Measure out 4oz of plain (dark) chocolate, a little bit more won’t make a difference – we used 4.5oz and it was fabulous. Melt in the microwave and then add the melted chocolate into the butter and cocoa mix until it’s all mixed in.

Step 8: Crack your eggs and 1lb of sugar (which is a lot, but again – fabulous) and whisk them together until they’re fully mixed. This takes arm strength that I do not have. What I forgot to include on the ‘what you’ll need list’ is a sister to take over when you get tired and/or bored.

Step 9: Pour the butter and sugar mix into the chocolate mix and stir it all together to make the batter. Now is definitely suitable to taste the batter. Or constantly throughout the process. Just to make sure it’s okay.

Step 10: Measure out 4oz of self raising flower and sift it into the mixture, ‘folding’ it in and stirring it when you get bored. I’m a very impatient baker to be honest.

Step 11: Add your chocolate chips or whatever you’d like to include. I found the chocolate chips gave it a nice crunch.

Step 12: Pour the batter into your pre-lined tin and stare lovingly at it because it looks so beautiful (I’m so hungry writing this post).

Step 13: Put the tin into your pre-heated oven and cook for 30-40 minutes. Ours was fine after 30 minutes with a crunchy top and a gooey, moist centre – it was so good, I’m literally salivating right now.

Step 14: Do the washing up while you’re waiting because it makes your mum happy and you can sing really loudly because no one can complain because you’re doing the washing up.

Step 15: Admire your tattoo because it’s beautiful and you’re still in love. By you, I mean I, me, I love my tattoo (and I’ve booked my next one!)

Step 16: Take your brownie out of the over, let it cool, take out it out of the tin and enjoy! I sifted some icing sugar on top and my class loved them this morning – we had second helpings! It was very enjoyable. Although Step 18 in the actual recipe says ‘keeps well’, I guarantee it won’t last. I made these brownies last night and they were all gone by lunch time today.

They will not last.

And that’s my brownie recipe! It’s a brilliant, easy recipe that will definitely help you make friends. I think this is why I have most of my friends.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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