Page 85 of 365: Bad Teaching



For the sake of privacy and the stories I’ve heard of people getting in trouble because they’ve made online content about school, I won’t be going into specific details in this post but from the title you can probably guess what it’s about!

I’ve never hated a teacher before – I was saying this to my friends and I realised that I do love school, I’ve always loved learning and I generally enjoy lessons but I’m right at the end of my last nerve with school. I’m struggling to care anymore and that’s really difficult when these A Levels determine my future for a little bit.

It’s so difficult to care when you have teachers that you hate – I have five teachers total and I’m lucky that I have four good teachers that I do like but one of my teachers quite blatantly hates me and I return the favour.

He keeps making stupid comments to me, belittling me and humiliating me in front of the rest of my class. It doesn’t help that I’ve been failing this class all year and I don’t think he connects that telling me I should know something doesn’t mean I know it. As a teacher, he fails to realise that if he doesn’t teach me, I won’t learn!

Then having a go at me because he has lots of marking to do and probably won’t get to sleep before midnight…? How does that have any relevance to me? I probably won’t sleep before midnight either but I’m not blaming him?

What makes it worse is that he’s nice to everyone else in my class, making jokes and chatting to them but he’s horrible to me. I don’t understand and I’m not going to let it beat me.

I’m going to get my C and I’ll do it on my own, if this weren’t a (vaguely) family friendly blog I would be using expletive after expletive but that’s like letting him win.

I’m better than him. Stupid teacher. Ugh.

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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One thought on “Page 85 of 365: Bad Teaching

  1. I had an art teacher like this in year 7!! I hated art but I actually tried and she'd always show my work as an example of how not to do something. She'd draw an example in someones book at the start of a lesson to show how she wanted something done and she chose mine once. Week after I got my art book out and there was a comment that she had made on her own work that said “Your work is never good enough. D+, do you even try?” AND IT WAS HER OWN WORK. Just shows some teachers do have it in for students eh! xxx


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