Page 80 of 365: Endings


Why hello there!

I start this blog post with sixteen minutes to midnight and I’m determined to get it finished!

Yesterday I saw All Time Low and tonight the production I was somewhat determined to become involved in Hairspray ended and I was at school at the after party until around half eleven (there were free chips, yes please!).

Now, I don’t quite know what to do with my life – we booked the tickets for All Time Low in August last year and now the concerts over? The planning of trains and times and Plan B and Plan C and ‘what happens if we’re trapped in London with no money’ and it went so smoothly it was incredible and now there’s nothing more to plan? I don’t quite know what to do with my life but I’m going to write a proper blog post about it and I’ve got video footage to edit but part of me doesn’t want to because then it’s all over!

And same applies to Hairspray – I’ve got this Hairspray Rehearsal video to edit and when it’s done it’s over and that’s one I can’t put off because people around school know that I’ve been making this video and I can’t just not show them any evidence of why I was at all these rehearsals taking videos of kids as young as 11 (I’m not prepared to be that person).

But I’ve made such good friends – we met so many lovely people at the All Time Low concert and I’ve made such an amazing variety of friends at Hairspray that it’s worth it. As the name of this project suggests, this is just another page being turned and tomorrow will be another day and it will bring something new.

And hopefully that something new will have a bit of a lie in!

Thank you for reading (I’ll write a proper post about the All Time Low concert at Wembley tomorrow!),

Sophie xx

(eight minutes to spare!)

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