Page 79 of 365: 4 Years of All Time Low concerts!



I feel like I’ve written an excess of scheduled posts recently but I’m currently at an All Time Low concert at Wembley, where they’re recording their next DVD! I can’t even find the words for how excited I am – this is the fourth year in a row I’ve seen All Time Low and they’re my favourite band and if I had to pick a sound to describe how excited I am it would be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

An All Time Low concert is always a party – they play so hard and they don’t care about being sweaty or gross and they care so much about the fans. At the last concert I went to, Alex Gaskarth stopped singing ‘Remembering Sunday’ (the most emotional All Time Low song to date) to point out to security that someone had passed out while being lifted out of the crowd. It was a truly beautiful moment to witness.

There are six of us going to this concert and we’re getting trains down to London without parents and as 17 and 18 year olds I shouldn’t be as nervous as I am – we’ll get out of the concert around 11pm, around 12,000 people will be trying to get the same tube and we’ve got to try and get back to Kings Cross by 12.30 for a really slow train home where I try not fall asleep and miss our stop.

It’s going to be fine. Even my mum has told me it’s going to be fine but I’m nervous. I don’t like uncertainty and I want to get on the DVD and I’m going to cry so much. I’m so excited and so nervous and my body is going to hurt so much on Saturday but I’m back in Hairspray mode on Saturday.

I’m not normally this busy, it’s quite unusual if I’m perfectly honest!

Thank you for reading, tell me about your favourite concerts in the comments!

Sophie xx

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