Page 75 of 365: Making People Happy



My best friend’s birthday was last week and (although 5 days late) I gave her all her presents today – she’s my best friend in the whole world and I hadn’t got her anything last year so I was making up for it this year.

18 is a big year – in England it’s the last milestone age so legally we can do everything now which sounds lame but 18th birthday’s are a big thing. So I bought her 18 presents.

Not 18 ‘proper’ presents just little things that mean a lot to us – a SD card for when she goes to San Diego Comiccon in the summer, coloured pens for revision notes, a bath bomb – stuff like that. She really liked them and it has made me so unfathomably happy to have made her so happy? The little thoughts I’d put into buying and making these presents that she understood just made the effort worth it.

I love buying presents, I love thinking of things that people didn’t know they wanted and seeing their eyes light up as they get excited about it. I like making people happy and I love giving gifts, it’s only made better when they really love them too!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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