Page 73 of 365: Little Happy Things



Yesterday I went shopping and I picked up some headphones with little robots on and this made me infinitely happy, hence blog post!

They’re just little rubber robots, the headphones themselves aren’t even that good but every times I see them I smile a little bit because I never thought a robot could be cute but I’m somewhat in love with these headphones.

And, to be just that little bit more pretentious, I suppose you could apply that to life! Little things, sometimes unexpected that make you smile are sometimes more important than big things that make you smile – if you wait around for a big thing to make you smile every time you’re sad, you’d be sad more often than you were happy. But if you let little things make you happy – like robot headphones or the cake you had or the time you walked somewhere instead of getting a lift – I’ve found the more that you indulge in letting the little things make you happy, the big things make you even happier.

Deciding to be happy, is one of the best decisions you will ever make. (I wrote a blog post about it once: Happiness Is A Choice)

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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