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For someone who doesn’t like change all that much – I love travelling, I love seeing new things and seeing how people walk through life in others areas of the world. Whatever I do in the next couple of years whether it be university or a job, I want travelling to be a part of it.

I haven’t been to that many places really – I live in Britain and I’ve seen quite a lot of England, I went on holiday to Minorca when I was a kid and I remember getting chlorine in my eye and wreaking havoc with my sister (we were angelic children) and we went on a family holiday to Lanzarote when I was 13 and I spent the whole time inside writing on my mums mini-laptop but as for family holidays abroad, we were much happier finding cute towns in England and making them homely.

This changed majorly when I signed up for a trip to Tanzania with Camps International, combining charity work with an amazing trip to a country I’d never normally have the chance to go to. I fell in love with Tanzania and travelling and seeing new things and working and everything.

Tanzania changed me a lot and I don’t just mean in the fact I lost half a stone while I was there.

I’m going to Ecuador on a similar trip in July and I know this is just going to fuel my travelling desire further.

At the moment I have a real craving to go to America, Australia and New Zealand. I’ve seen America in YouTubers vlogs from Playlist Live, Disney holidays and VidCon and I’d love to go to an event like VidCon (Summer 2016, fingers crossed!) but really I’d be so happy just going to LA and seeing the beaches and the city and the people and the environment. 

Australia I’ve seen via 5 Seconds of Summer New Zealand I’ve seen a bit of through old friends that moved there eight years ago but I’ve heard that they’re both such beautiful countries and I’ve been told on tumblr before that I act Australian because I’m quite chilled. My dad says it’s a young person’s country and it sounds like somewhere for me.

I can’t wait to finish school and be able to travel everywhere! Any recommendations?

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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