Page 68 of 365: My Life In Gifs



Writing a blog post every day means I often struggle to think of something to write about, hence why I begin writing most of these posts at nearer to midnight than I’d like to admit.

I often ask my mum what I should write about and today she googled it. “Make a list! Make a top 5 something, review a book or a film.”

Then it hit me.

Make a top 5 of something.

Whilst scrolling through tumblr, I saw a gif of Dan Howell derping.

And this is my life in 5 gifs.

(in no particular order)

I love this gif. I love ‘Dispicable Me’, I’m pretty good at mimicking this line if I do say so myself and it’s a pretty appropriate reaction gif if you see a cute puppy, a baby rabbit or a photo of your favourite band member with their hair the way you like it.

I fell in love with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ the first time I watched it and I have a really soft spot for Groot – baby dancing Groot is my weakness. Also, this has become my signature dance move – I do it at all the parties.

I had a tough time choosing this gif to be honest – there’s a gif of Luke Hemmings of 5 Seconds of Summer saying ‘I hate this band’ and I relate because I also hate their band but I choose this one because in this instance he is correcting Ashton in that bananas do not contain protein (idjits) and this is probably my most used reaction gif. For example: ‘your perfect i loVE YOU LITERAL GOALS YOUR SO GORGEOUS I LOVE YOU!!1!! XOXOX’ (direct quote, definitely). I then respond with the above gif.

This was in fact the last gif I chose – I represented all my major fandoms here and I knew Doctor Who had to be involved and I instantly thought of this. David Tennant completely and utterly sums up all the ‘feels’ of all the ‘fangirls’. I connect with this gif spiritually.

And lastly, the reason my posture is so disgusting – the Internet Browsing Position, as modelled by Dan Howell (danisnotonfire / YouTube); the existential crisis of the internet and potentially the most relatable YouTuber I follow. Again: there is a spiritual connection with this gif.

This blog post has made me so happy – I love gifs, I am a sucker for a good gif and whilst I can’t make them, I very much enjoy other people making them. It is a life goal that one day I will be giffed – I will befriend the first person that gifs one of my YouTube videos.

Do you have a favourite gif? Anyone that you think is particularly giffable (it’s definitely a word)? Leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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