Page 67 of 365: Last Minute Pressure



Today on ‘What part of her A Levels has Sophie left until the last minute?’ – English Language coursework, 12.5% of her final grade. I think, I’m making guesses.

I’ve finished the draft, but it’s also ten minutes to midnight.

But, in a stunning turn of events, I’m not condoning my lack of preparation. A few people in my class have been asking for extensions of our deadline but I don’t see the point, because if I asked for an extension, I would just wait till the night before my new deadline to do the work I could have done in my extension period.

No, I don’t think I’m turning in the best piece in the world, but I’m handing in the best piece of work I can – I am a C level student and I’m hoping that’s the level of the work I’m handing in. 

I don’t think I’m saying what I want to very well – it sounds like I’m saying ‘I’m only getting a C, so I won’t write anything better’ but I mean I am aiming for three Cs at the end of my A Levels and I’ve written the best piece I can and I think that the best I can do is a C. 

I still can’t tell if I’m painting myself as a lazy or self-deprecating student.

I think having the night-before pressure of having to finish a project or essay or coursework really helps – it’s like being put on the spot and having to come up with something eloquent, intellectual and fitting with the mark scheme.

I always find the ‘night-before’ pressure helps me – have you got any tips for time management regarding essays? Leave them in the comments!

Thanks for reading (1 minute to spare!),

Sophie xx

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