Page 66 of 365: Cheesy Chips



Today is busy – I have a coursework essay due in Monday that I’m really behind on, I have a party tonight that I’m still not entirely sure what I’m wearing to and I’m meant to be going in to school tomorrow (on a Sunday) to get footage for a behind the scenes sort of video that I’m doing for my school’s production of Hairspray but I’m not going to that rehearsal until I get more of my essay done.

So writing this blog post is my way of trying to shake the mild panic settling in my chest so I can settle down and actually get some work done.

The title and picture of this post are what I had for lunch today. I was really struggling with what to write about and I didn’t want to write about stress or motivation because I’m not that stressed that I deserve to whine about it and there’s no motivation to talk about, so I’m talking about chips.

Chips, fries, potato cuboids – whatever you want to call them – covered in too much grated cheddar cheese because I got too excited about cheese makes for a very happy, now very bloated Sophie. Getting a ‘bikini body’ for summer is very clearly not on my priorities list.

I find that if you’re going through having to do something you really don’t want to do – whether that be school or work or a stupid coursework essay that’s worth about 20% of my A Level grade – having little things like a nice, unhealthy lunch or maybe even a really healthy lunch that will make you happy might help make getting it done just a little bit more bearable.

Between eating cheesy chips and going to a party, I have to do some more of this essay. But I had cheesy chips and I’m going to go to a party so I’ve got to focus on that rather than how mind-numbingly boring writing this essay is going to be.

Tell me about little things that make you happy in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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