Page 62 of 365: I’m going to Summer in the City!



Guess who got tickets to YouTube convention Summer in the City today? On a scale from 1 to 10 how stupid would this post be if it wasn’t me?

Today, I fought with the Tickets ABC website to buy a Creator Day and Weekend Pass for SitC 2015! Let’s talk about the fighting with the website before we get to what I’m excited about.

Tickets ABC is a stupid website – when I clicked on ‘Buy Creator Day + Weekend Ticket’ I expected to buy a Creator Day + Weekend Ticket. No, that is not what happened. I noticed that I was about £60 short of having a ticket but thought little of it – as I had clicked the button that said I wanted a Creator Day and Weekend Ticket – presuming that they took the money when the tickets were dispatched or something.

No, apparently I had to click the arrow signifying I wanted 1 Creator Day and Weekend Ticket rather than assuming that due to clicking on the Creator Day and Weekend Ticket button. I’m not angry or bitter at all. Not even a little bit.

If anyone wants an XL SitC 2015 t-shirt, I’m going to have two. 

Just joking, hopefully they’ll cancel that order.

I am so, so excited about finally attending my first YouTube convention – I’ve been watching YouTube for about five years and whilst I’ve only been making content on my current channel for just over a year, I’ve been on and off making content for about as long as I’ve been a viewer.

I’m most excited about the Creator Day – there’s only 2000 attendees (compared to the 10,000 attendees over the weekend), it’s 16+ and as far as I’m aware, the code of conduct suggests if anyone is there to meet their favourite YouTubers and get selfies they’ll be asked to leave.

It’s a day about industry and making contacts and learning more about the craft and as someone who is a complete amateur regarding film making and knowing what software and equipment to use, I’m so excited to learn and meet people.

Meeting people is going to be a big part of the SitC experience for me as I’m currently going alone – as someone who gets quite socially anxious, the only reassurance is that I have been to the ExCel centre before and I’m quite familiar with YouTube as a concept, but I am nervous.

It’s two days after I return from a month in South America on a charity organised working holiday and one day after my A Level results day. 

It’s going to be interesting to say the least! I’m more than excited, I’ve wanted to go to a YouTube convention for years and I’m actually going to one! I can’t even put it into words!

Thank you for reading, comment if you’re excited for Summer in the City 2015!

Sophie xx

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