Page 61 of 365: Teaching Myself Guitar



I have been playing guitar for 8 months to the day tomorrow and I have had not one lesson. I remember the day vividly – I was on a train to Nottingham Trent University open day with my mum and I got a text from my sister. ‘Do you want Kevin’.

I know who Kevin is. Kevin is her guitar (named after a pigeon in the One Direction fandom, I don’t really know). I’ve wanted to learn guitar for a very long time and I’m pretty sure I squealed on the train.

When I got home my sister’s beautiful guitar was sat in my room waiting for me and I sat starting to teach myself to play for two hours.

That summer I spent a lot of time with my guitar, as shown from these pictures I posted on my tumblr.

Artsy selfie features only one eye and most of my arm.

A NEW ANGLE???!!!!!11!! And wet hair, not unusual for a Sophie selfie.

Super swaggy seventeen year old Sophie.

Due to the many selfies and overwhelming excitement about my guitar, a bunch of people on tumblr asked me how I was teaching myself, especially when I started posting covers on my YouTube channel (covers playlist here).

There’s this app called ‘Ultimate Guitar’ that I used on my iPad when I posted piano covers, as the entirety of the app is that it has almost every song under the sun and the chords that make up the song so you can do the singy-singy in the right key.

What I learnt about this app, is that each chord comes with pictures of how to play that chord on a guitar. I taught myself guitar using Ultimate Guitar tabs and going through my favourite songs. 

After that, I just kept playing – I persistently played the chords I wasn’t very good at until I was good at them and now, I can actually play to an adequate standard. I really want to start learning how to pick melodies but that might be something I actually need a teacher for, however it’s something I think I might be able to afford if I go to university.

Guitar isn’t a difficult instrument to learn, you just have to have the time, determination and motivation and learning songs you like really helps that.

Do you play any musical instruments? Is there anything you’ve taught yourself that you want to share? Tell me in the comments!

Below I’ll leave a link to the new cover I posted on Sunday featuring footage from ‘The Script’ concept I went to on Saturday night, I’m really happy with it so it would be awesome if you’ve got time to watch it!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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