Page 60 of 365: Danny O’Donoghue (The Script concert)


Why hello there!

As I said in my blog post yesterday – I went to see the Script on their ‘No Sound Without Silence’ tour last night and I made a sort of get ready with me post before I left, so I made sure to get some pictures of what I was wearing to feed back on!

I’m really good at taking posed, unnecessary selfies and making little collages on tumblr but that’s what I was wearing – the concert was amazing and Danny O’Donoghue surprised me on two instances so I’m going to write about those!

Around six or seven songs in, lead singer of the script Danny O’Donoghue finished the song he was singing (Superheroes, I think) and he pointed security towards a group of people in the crowd that were pointing at the ground.

About ten people were frantically pointing and security helped get this girl out of the crowd and I’ve seen this at concerts before but O’Donoghue didn’t start singing the next song until the girl was safe. He kept apologising to the audience and no one minded – he kept making sure she was okay and the pulled the girl over the barrier, her friend climbing out afterwards and Danny went down between the stage and the barrier to make sure she was okay and that she wasn’t hurt.

He stopped the whole show for maybe five minutes to make sure a girl in the crowd was okay. That’s incredible, I have never respected a musician more than I did Danny O’Donoghue in that moment.

Then he proceeded to make me laugh more than I ever have at a concert before.

He said he wanted someone to call an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and give him the phone. A guy then gave him a phone calling someone called Chloe.

Danny then talked to Chloe, saying her ex-boyfriend had given him the phone and then he started to sing nothing.

He sang the whole song – addressing it to Chloe and getting the whole audience to scream ‘Goodbye Asshole!’ before he hung up. It was hilarious – the whole show was incredible, one of the best Saturday nights I’ve had in a long time and the first of many, many concerts this year!

It really inspired me to get a job – I spent the time waiting for The Script looking under the b-stage at the sound stage and spotting all the cameras and how they were setting up the stage and I know that’s all I want to do – concerts make me so happy, I can’t do anything else.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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