Page 59 of 365: Get Ready with me – The Script Concert



An early blog post today – tonight I’m going to see The Script in Sheffield with a few friends and I’m really, really excited.

I’ve had a busy day – this Saturday morning I was at school (yep), getting footage for a Behind The Scenes video I’m making for the school musical and then I went shopping with my Mum to get a last minute thing that I want to wear to the concert tonight.

I’ve not got ready yet, so I’m going to talk you through what I’m going to do to get ready and I’ll share the video of the concert I’ll put on my YouTube channel (SophieCountsClouds) tomorrow! Sounds like a plan.

What I’m wearing:
I had to go shopping to get a new pair of black skinny jeans because I’ve been fighting to get a new pair that actually fit me for a while now but I found a pair that will do for tonight at M&S – finding ‘long’ jeans (i.e. 36″ length) is a nightmare. My friend and I have planned our outfits assuming we’re going to get a tour t-shirt when we arrive, so I’m wearing a plain long sleeved black t-shirt and a plaid shirt/hoodie for warmth. Because it’s February. I’ll wear my black vans and a coat too, probably but that’s less exciting to be honest.

I’ll probably go a bit heavier on the eyeliner – I like to when I’m going out – light foundation, bright lipstick, eyebrows on point – nothing too special but I’ll be (as the kids say) ‘hot af’.

If I’ve got time I want to plait some of it and curl the rest but I’ve got half an hour to eat lunch, finish this post and get ready, so I’m probably just going to pin the front bits back and loosely curl the rest.

What I’m taking:
My phone and purse – obviously – a digital camera for video footage, my phone case charger for when my dying iPhone runs out of battery and maybe my lipstick, to top it up after the pizza we’re going to have for dinner.

There’s not much that goes into getting ready really! Sheffield is a couple of hours drive from where I live so it’s likely we’ll be singing along all the way there to get the momentum going.

I’m hoping to review the concert in tomorrow’s post, let me know of any concerts you’ve been to in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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