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Tonight is the BRIT Awards and I’m live tweeting over at @SophieALuckett and my parents have been talking over the entirety of Taylor Swift’s performance thus far.

But I’m not here to comment on the performance – on Day 15, I reviewed the BRITs nominees so I thought I’d revisit what I thought back in January and discuss the winners as their announced.

I refer you back to my twitter.

I’ll go through the awards in the order I made them in the blog post I made back in January. I definitely didn’t copy and paste that post and delete the irrelevant information.

Let’s do this, I’m so excited about these awards!

British Artist Video of the Year:
Who I want to win: Ed Sheeran
Who I think will win: One Direction/Ed Sheeran/Sam Smith
Who my mum wants to win: One Direction

Who won: One Direction

Response: Because it was the biggest fandom. Simon Cowell is so happy to get to accept it! They’re in Japan right now with 5 Seconds of Summer. Good video, not their best but I think Ed Sheeran really deserved this one. Just saying.

British Breakthrough Act:
Who I want to win: George Ezra
Who I think will win: Sam Smith
Who mum wants to win: George Ezra

Who won: Sam Smith

Response: Very talented, beginning to think he’s somewhat overrated but I do really like his songs and his attitude to the industry. A lovely short speech.

Mastercard British Album:
Who I want to win: Ed Sheeran
Who I think will win: Ed Sheeran ‘X’
Who my mum wants to win: George Ezra

Who won: Ed Sheeran

Response: YES I CALLED IT AGAIN. This is the last album to be awarded and these are all listed out of order but I’m in love with ‘X’ and it’s beautifully crafted, very, very well deserved award. Good job, Ed Sheeran.

British Female Solo Artist:
Who I want to win: Ella Henderson
Who I think will win: Paloma Faith
Who my mum wants to win: she quite likes the sound of FKA Twigs

Who won: Paloma Faith

Response: Still not a big fan (personal preference) but I did call it so I still win right? Do I get a BRIT award now? She is dressed beautiful but she’s crying already and she’s not started talking yet.

British Male Solo Artist:
Who I want to win: Ed Sheeran
Who I think will win: Ed Sheeran/Sam Smith
Who my mum thinks will win: Sam Smith

Who won: Ed Sheeran

Response: Totally called it. Very, very much deserved – an incredibly talented and hard working performer.

British Group:
Who I want to win: One Direction
Who I think will win: One Direction/Alt-J
Who my mum wants to win: One Direction

Who won: Royal Blood

Response: Surprised to be honest – One Direction have had a phenomenal year and I didn’t know if Royal Blood were that eligible considering they’re up for British Breakthrough as well; they’ve not been around for too long and they’ve only been together for two years. Not disappointed though – they’re talented.

International Male Solo Artist:
Who I want to win: John Legend
Who I think will win: Hozier – ‘Take Me To Church’
Who mum wants to win: She likes Hozier, thinks it’ll be John Legend and made a noise about Pharrel Williams?

Who won: Pharrel Williams

Response: Another giant song, not sure one song deserves a whole award but a talented man none-the-less – good job hat man.

International Female Solo Artist:
Who I want to win: Taylor Swift
Who I think will win: Beyonce
Who my mum wants to win: Taylor Swift
Who my mum thinks will win: Sia

Who won: Taylor Swift

Response: Her response is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, her dress is stunning and she is literally both #goals and a giant and deserved idol to so many people. Very deserved awards and she thanked Ed Sheeran how cute is that! She’s so genuine and she’s so excited, it’s refreshing to see that.

International Group:
Who I want to win: 5 Seconds of Summer
Who I think will win: 5 Seconds of Summer
Who my mum wants to win: She says 5SOS but because it would make me happy

Who won: Foo Fighters

Response: slightly disappointed but only because it’s 5SOS – they would have been so bummed if they’d taken the award from the Foo Fighters and, again, a very, very talented group. I love 5 Seconds of Summer.

Critics’ Choice Award:
Who I want to win: James Bay
Who I think will win: Years and Years

Who won: James Bay

Response: Apparently this was announced in December? Oops! Really liking his new single though, going to be a big year for him.

British Single:
Who I want to win: Uptown Funk
Who I think will win: Uptown Funk/Ghost
Who my mum wants to win: *sarcastically* ‘Sam Smith, I love Sam Smith’ definitely Uptown Funk

Who won: Uptown Funk

Response: YES I’m partying so hard right now, this song is such a jam and wow Mark Ronson is looking good tonight. Bless him, he’s really nervous and so humble – huge influence in the music industry right now, very happy.

Brits Global Success Award: Sam Smith
Response: He’s had an absolutely phenomenal year, unquestionably deserving.

British Producers:
Who I want to win: Jake Gosling
Who I think will win: Flood

I don’t know what happened to this award – it wasn’t announced at the show and I can’t find it anywhere online. Maybe like Critics Choice it was already announced and I missed it, but I’ve drawn a conclusion anyway.
Response: I know nothing about producers.

What an amazing night! Many very well deserved awards and a lot of amazing clothes. Already looking forward to the BRITs 2016!

By the end I had to keep telling my mum to wake up, but she wants to start a music blog so I thought I’d introduce her to mine. 

And regarding Madonna’s performance; all I’m going to say is that it was much funnier than she intended it to be.

Thanks for reading, share any thoughts you have about the BRITs in the comments!

Sophie xx

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