Page 55 of 365: ‘Happiness is a choice’


Hello and welcome to another episode of Sophie talks about a YouTuber who’s inspired her!

On today’s episode: Shay Carl.

I was watching Shay’s BEST PLAYLIST LIVE VLOG EVER!!!! (almost 50 minutes of golden playlist live footage, it’s really entertaining) and he met a girl who at the previous Playlist Live convention had asked Shay to write a quote he’d said ‘Happiness is a choice’ and when they met again she had his hand written quote tattooed on her wrist.

At that point I didn’t believe it – I didn’t think you could choose to be happy, I didn’t think that it was as simple as deciding ‘today is going to be a good day’ or changing your priorities so that little things don’t seem as stressful.

Now I do. I totally get it.

In a blog post a few days ago, I talked about how my mum gave me this motivational speech and I felt totally inspired (Inspiration) – I’ve got my priorities sorted, I’ve made lists and changed my outlook on things and while it sounds somewhat pretentious – I, subconsciously, chose happiness.

I realised this at my dance class tonight – I’ve danced since I was three years old and for the past few weeks I’ve hated going to dancing. I’ve come away from every lesson in tears and the thought of going has given me major anxiety. But I decided that I wasn’t in dance for exams – I dance because I love dancing and it’s good exercise for me and I know I’m not the best dancer at all (it’s quite embarrassing to watch me dance actually) but I love it. I wouldn’t have done it for fifteen years if I didn’t love it.

Because it makes me happy. I chose that dancing was going to make me happy again.

And it extends to everything else – I’ve been making revision timetables and listing the work I need to do and I’ve been enjoying it; I’m looking forward to making lots of really pretty, neat notes and being able to quote half of Shakespeare’s King Lear like I’m a well read individual (but I’m not really).

I’m looking forward to leaving school so I can study subjects I like on my own terms – I’m going to learn so much history when I leave school, I’m excited.

Happiness really is a choice – sometimes it’s not an easy choice to make, but I promise things will fall into place. Happiness isn’t always immediate, but the second you decide you want to be happier it’ll start working.

Thanks for helping being part of my happiness, thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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