Page 50 of 365: rain on the windscreen (creative writing)



Day 50! I’ve blogged for 50 days in a row! I’m so pleased I can’t even begin to put it into words, I’m so, so happy, thank you for reading if you’ve read one post or all of them, thank you!

Today I thought I’d celebrate with a bit of creative writing because I’ve not done any for a while and they’re my favourite kind of blog posts to write.

Title prompt: rain on the windscreen

I don’t like driving at the best of times. I get all nervous and everything my very patient driving instructor taught me when I was 17 had gone in one ear and out the other. I wasn’t a very good driver.

Somehow I’d been convinced to drive halfway across the country for Christmas. I didn’t mind really – I got to be babied by my mum and see all my cousins, my brothers and their nieces and nephews; I do love Christmas but it was the drive home I was apprehensive of. It was halfway between Christmas and New Year – it was a Sunday night and the roads were manic with people going home or to their families or to their friends. I just wanted to get home.

It was raining. More than raining – sheets of water were slashing at my window and the windscreen wipers couldn’t even keep up. I hate driving at the best of times and now I was terrified – I could feel my hands shaking and it was getting dangerous. The next lay-by I could see I pulled into nose first; reassured I wasn’t the only car pausing for the weather.

I pulled in and turned the heating up full, grabbing a couple of my extra hoodies from the backseat and putting them on whilst I turned the music up to try and drown out the rain.

I was aware of the time and the sun beginning to set – the winter darkness closing in. I was debating whether to sit in the car all night and risk running out of petrol or to poke something under the hood and call services to tow me home.

I didn’t get as far as making a decision. Some asshole hit my bumper, ramming the front of my car into a tree branch and shattering the windscreen. It was all a bit of a blur – I think I hit my head on the steering wheel and I remember hearing glass shatter but I didn’t really register that it happened to me.

My car had been hit. I wasn’t the kind of person that got hit in their car, let alone the kind of person that gets hurt when they’re sat in their car when it gets hit.

Suddenly there was someone opening my door, gazing anxiously at me as the rain drenched their hair and they shivered nervously.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you at all – I was trying to pull in because I couldn’t see but your lights were off and I didn’t expect anyone to be parked sideways and… hello? Are you- let me clean you up okay? I have a first aid kit in my car.” He offered. I tried to focus on him – the long hair that I think would have been blonde when dry, the tall, lean figure with broad shoulders and as many jackets as I was wearing.

He took my hand, leading me to his truck – closing my car’s door and sitting me in his passenger seat. I pulled down his sun visor and opened up the mirror – I had a growing bruise on my forehead, a couple of glass cuts on my cheek.

The blonde was soon climbing into the drivers side, holding up his first aid kit and asking me to turn to him as he mopped up at the already drying blood. 

“Just surface wounds, nothing to be too concerned about. How does that bruise feel?” He asked, his gentle touch brushing my damp hair from my forehead and taking a closer look. “I’m a training paramedic, sorry. Can you tell me your name?”

“Um, Gabby.” I mumbled.

“Nice to meet you Gabby, I’m Luke. Can you tell me when your birthday is?” He asked, reaching into the driver side door for a bottle of water, handing it to me.

And I couldn’t. I couldn’t remember when my birthday was. I bit my lip as tears uncontrollably welled in my eyes. “I can’t. I can’t remember.” I whispered.

“It’s okay. It’s not safe to drive right now and it won’t be safe for you to drive for maybe a week so I’ll stay with you until the weather lightens up, we’ll call a few people and get you and your car home – how does that sound?” He explained rationally, shaking his fringe out of his eyes and smiling at me.

I tried to smile back and nod gently. “Okay.”

I’ve not written anything original for a while and apparently I’ve completely lost it, I’ll need a lot more practice but it’s progress I look forward to, really.

Thank you for reading, thank you for 50 blog posts,

Sophie xx

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