Page 49 of 365: Sleepy Blogger


Hello, I’m exhausted.

I’ve never been more grateful for a week off school before – during this half term I’m meant to be recuperating, resting, revising for my summer exams.

What I have done so far is spend the weekend in Southampton, sleep, get a tattoo and my hair dyed. Also, I’m still obsessed with my tattoo so you’ll be hearing about it for a while – it’s beautiful.

Today I’d set aside for doing some work for my Uncle – putting wobblers (technical term) onto leaflets and whatnot but it took a lot longer than we anticipated and I literally have a headache from sticking thousands of wobblers onto thousands of leaflets and I’m not even exaggerating a little bit – there are around 5000 leaflets and I’m so done. So done.

Even the header picture is making my sleepy, oh my gosh.

But I hear you arguing – ‘Sophie if you’re tired, why are you writing a blog post at 23:39??’ – that is because I’ve been working all day and I can’t sleep at night anyways. I like to lie in bed and think about the universe and my significance or lack thereof.

It’s really convenient having an existential crisis every single night. I tend to watch YouTube videos to distract myself but danisnotonfire is the King of Existential Crisis and that’s not a good thing at the time of night.

It doesn’t help that I’m the lightest sleeper you could ever meet – my family could be having a conversation at the other end of the house and I will hear it. My mum once left her alarm on upstairs whilst she’d woken up and gone downstairs and it woke me up.

From a different room.

I’m so bad at sleeping at night (I’m a pro napper) – is there anything that helps you get to sleep at night? Leave any tips in the comments, please!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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