Page 47 of 365: ‘The Sugarscape Twitter Awards 2015’



A little bit of news before I begin this blog post officially; yesterday’s blog post about Dodie Clark’s song Adored by Him was in fact read by Dodie Clark and I am a little bit overwhelmed.

I also changed my icon in the time I sent the first tweet and the second. My conclusion: you don’t have to spam people and be annoying to get their attention. I tweeted Dodie once isn’t she fabulous?

But on to today’s post! I felt like being a little sarcastic and taking the mick out of the something a little bit today. I follow teen gossip update website Sugarscape on twitter for entertainment and trivial information more than anything else – it keeps me up to date on pathetic gossip. I thought I’d have a look at their headlines for something petty to pick at.

I scrolled for a bit – past articles about Zayn Malik looking cute with a child and noticing that ‘5SOS’ and ‘One Direction’ have their own headings across the top banner of the website. Then I spotted The Sugarscape Twitter Awards 2015 Results: Full Winners List – gold.

I thought it would be a list of stupid awards that had celebrities had ‘won’ to provide a little light entertainment for their stereotypically young readership.

I was pleasantly surprised.

There are five awards for best band update accounts, best tv account, best book account, best parody account and biggest fangirl/boy all won by fan accounts on twitter. Of course there’s ‘funniest celeb tweeter’ (Michael Clifford) and such but I was so surprised to see awards for fans running twitter accounts. People – not necessarily kids – throw themselves head first into social media. As soon as you have a fair few followers (bearing in mind the ‘Best One Direction Update Account’ has over a million followers) the owner over the account feels an obligation to update regularly and accurately.

Speaking from experience (and I definitely don’t have a million followers) I know I feel like I owe my followers updates and constant content and I’m really not that important to the fandom I’m in.

On a side note – I hate the word fandom. It’s awful. Just awful.

Sugarscape pleasantly surprised me – they’re a big online magazine, I remember reading ‘Sugar’ when I was an early tween and this websites twitter has 478k followers; the website itself receives 4 millions views a month. Being recognised by a magazine with a blue tick must be so satisfactory for these twitter accounts, especially in fan voted awards.

This must be an incredible confidence boost for the people that run these twitter accounts and considering how much people nowadays get slated for anything ‘fan based’ online, I think it’s amazing to see this kind of support, even if it’s just Sugarscape awards.

Props to Sugarscape!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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