Page 45 of 365: University Taster Day


Why hello there!

Today I went to an applicant/taster day at Southampton Solent University and it was really fun so I thought I’d write about it, for anyone looking to or considering going to university in the future.

I have applied to study multimedia journalism and, to my understanding, it’s like a journalism degree except you learn in a variety of different mediums – you learn about crafting for print journalism as well as online, social media, radio, video and TV journalism.

To me, in today’s modern age, I think it’s far more applicable than straight journalism.

The day started with a general talk aimed at the subjects that fell under ‘Communications and Writing’, where a lovely lady called Susanne talked to a bunch of us a little more generally about courses and travel and work experience and job opportunities and the likes.

We then went to go meet the journalism faculty, finding out what our day would consist of. We were split into groups and I, with the six other prospective multimedia journalism students, was ushered down to the radio studios.

We were given a script with three news headlines and three sports headlines, interspersed with clips of dialogue from the likes of David Cameron commenting on the headlines we were reading. It was really fun to listen to ourselves and the audio clips through the headphones and it gave me a real taste of how fun radio could be.

We were then taken back upstairs where we were told to read a series of headlines from an auto cue and again, I really enjoyed it. I did a little bit of auto cue reading before at one of my other university interviews and that gave me a little bit of a head start but I ended up being the last one in my group to go.

Just as they set me up to record whilst reading from the auto cue (with a little microphone clipped to my shirt and all), they brought another group in to watch how it was done. Fantastic. An audience. I’m pretty sure no one noticed how nervous I was and how much my hands were shaking.

After that activity we were sat in front of a series of Apple Mac computers (they were beautiful), given an outline of a front page, told to insert a photo of ourselves, write 200 words about ourselves, invent a headline and pick the top three places we thought would make for a good story (I think, I don’t really know what it was but I put London, Los Angeles and Sydney because they’re placed I want to go).

And then I met my mum, we went on an accommodation tour and then we went into the absolutely manic Southampton city centre for a teeny tiny bit of shopping. I got some leggings from Topshop, a couple of cosmetic bits from Boots and some Primark items. Very nice day but I’m absolutely exhausted.

Hence why this post is going up at half past nine and not three minutes to midnight! Pros and cons, pros and cons. 

Happy Valentines Day! Are you, wonderful reader, at university? Got anything to share with someone who might be going in September? Leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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