Page 44 of 365: What I’m not going to blog about (+ photography)



Today I greet you from Southampton. I would blog about why I’m in Southampton and why I’m spending two weekends away (with my family) but I made a video that includes the reason that will be on my YouTube channel (linked below) on Sunday, so I don’t want to write about it here too.

I could blog about how much fun it is having a hotel room to myself two weekends in a row and how I spend the whole time day dreaming about being on tour and living out of bags and looking out the window to cities I’ve never seen before, working with people I’ve never met before and doing a job a love. That makes me very happy but that’s about all I have to say about it, so I won’t write a whole blog post about it.

My mum said I should write a blog post about how fabulous she is but she also said that I shouldn’t write a blog post about her because her ego will inflate and she won’t be able to walk through doors anymore. Hi mum. You get a shout out but no blog post for you!

I could write a blog post about how fantastic my pyjama bottoms from Long Tall Sally and how they’re cute colours (blue/purple) and they actually fit the length of my legs and they’re comfortable and warm, but I’d rather save them for a haul like post and I don’t have the money to buy enough to warrant a haul, so this is the only mention my pyjamas will get.

I could make a blog post about what I brought on our weekend away, but I did that last weekend and I made a video for my YouTube channel and I am not above shameless promotion! Watch ‘What’s In My Weekend Bag‘ here!

So here are some photos I took today, ta daa!

Artsy fartsy rain photos are some of my favourites, to be honest!

There were some pretty not-real-flowers on the table at dinner!

I’m not sponsored by Coca Cola but I would very much like to be.

It was raining really heavily, the view outside the restaurant’s window was very tumblr.

I’m a lot more artsy-fartsy than I like to admit to.

I love staircases where you can see all the way to the ground floor but then my dad pretended to push me down and it scared me.

My Zoella make-up bag looked really good in this light and you can see my camera and face wash in the mirror.

So there’s a kind of not blog post. If there’s anything you want me to not-blog about leave it in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

(side note – this was posted three minutes before midnight so it counts as day 44!)

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