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I’m still in Hastings with my family at the moment and today, my mum, my sister and I got on a train to Tunbridge Wells for a bit of retail therapy. Here’s when I get on to the ranty bit.

I am not a skinny girl – I generally buy clothes size 14/16 and I’m not ashamed of that but it’s something I’m going to change in 2015. I wouldn’t call myself ‘fat’ either but I’m not as skinny as girls in magazines or on clothes websites.

But this doesn’t mean I don’t deserve pretty clothes. We went into a lot of shops today and the likelihood that those shops had sizes above a 10 were slim (unintentional pun, but relevant I think!). Jack Wills and Topshop were the worst – everything was size 6, 8 or 10 and there was nothing to encourage the larger lady to want the clothes they had on offer. Even then, by ‘larger lady’, I mean someone who isn’t a stick! A size 12 is a perfectly healthy size that I personally would still consider skinny and it’s not fair that ‘bigger’ people are discouraged from buying clothes due to their size.

It’s bad enough that everywhere you look there are articles on getting your ‘Summer Body’ and ‘losing Christmas fat’, no one should have to deal with not being catered for in a clothes shop. It’s not just skinny people that need clothes.

(Just to clarify, that’s UK sizes – I know it’s different in America)

But onto brighter things! I took a few photos in Tunbridge Wells and we went down to the sea in Hastings where I took some beautiful pictures.

We found this cute little side street and I thought it was incredibly picturesque… that is if you ignore the scaffolding.

Old fashioned bikes are so cute, I love the basket.

This seagull was so chilled I was literally stood two meters away and he could not have cared less! The cold definitely wasn’t bothering him.

I love trying to think of new ways to take photos of something everyone has taken a photo off, I like where the focus is in this picture.

It’s the sea, innit.

Similarly to the other photo I love the focus in this, though it was hit and miss whether the wave was going to roll in and steal my camera!
I tried to capture the rolling waves but I just missed it! But I still quite like how there seems to be movement in this photo, like it’s just holding it’s breath.

This one’s definitely my favourite because it’s the sea and the sky and the rope and the stones but I just love how it’s come out, I adore it.

There was a dead skeleton bone thing and I thought it was cool. Also appearance from Papa Luckett in the background.

I’m not entirely sure this wall was for walking on but walk on it I did – I just like the contrasting symmetry of the stones and the sea, simples.

Movement in a still pictures, waves crashing against a rock.

I really love the sea, if it wasn’t absolutely freezing I’d have stayed there all night.

The shot would have been better if I’d braved going right to the edge but I felt dizzy enough as it was! Imagine the sea twenty feet down and it probably would have been a better picture.

Even after the blip with the clothes shopping, I managed to snap photos that I’m pretty proud of.

Thank you for reading, leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like me to blog about!

Sophie xx

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