Page 37 of 365: Hastings (photography)


Why hello there!

Today, my family and I traveled down to Hastings in Sussex (where the renowned battle of 1066 took place) to look down at the Hastings campus of the University of Brighton. Hastings is an absolutely beautiful town and I took the opportunity to take some some photos today after my tour of the campus.

This gorgeous little street was beautiful until my mum and sister started twerking in the distance.

I thought this little house was so quirky and character filled, I could resist taking a photo as I said “Yellow house no return”.

I love making my sister pose because she is so beautiful and looks so striking in her new Red Riding Hood coat.

The sun was shining (despite it still being windy and freezing) and the trees were beautiful.

Where I come from, there is no such thing as hills so views like this are astounding to me.

Lens flares and light are so interesting to me, especially when trying to capture them in a photo.

We are staying in Hastings Travel Lodge and I thought this was an artsy fartsy way to take a photo. It’s not really but here we are!

I’ve had a lovely afternoon in Hastings and it’s so nice to be able to get away with my family. We’re hoping to do some shopping and go down to the beach tomorrow so hopefully I’ll have more photos of this gorgeous seaside town to show you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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