Page 36 of 365: Tumblr



I got home from ballet at half past nine. By the time I’d got out of the shower and put my pyjamas on it was ten o’clock. It is now 22.57 and I have still only just starting writing this post.

As you can probably guess from the title, I have spent almost all of this time on tumblr. I could be looking up contact details for record companies that I need to email, I could be writing my Hogwarts!AU for my blog (and I’ve only got a tiny bit left to write!) or I could be trying to write something original.

But no, I spent an hour scrolling mindlessly through tumblr, reblogging pictures of Luke Hemmings, Disney and the Sacconejoly’s on three different blogs. It’s such an easy way to spend so much of my time because it’s easy – with X-kit, reblogging takes literally three seconds and with all these keyboard shortcuts I barely need to do anything to keep my blog active.

I somehow convince myself that I’ve been productive because I’ve got so many followers to entertain but it will only be productive when I’m making money and because I can’t figure out how I can transfer my tumblr to ‘’ (which I have bought) I can’t put ads or anything on my blog which saddens me. 

If I could make money from my blog, I could justify spending more time on it. But for now, tumblr is a guilty form of procrastination from doing the things I really need to do. Though I feel at 23.15 I can get away with not doing anything.

I’m amazing at procrastinating and anyone that found this blog post probably found it through tumblr, so have you got any tips for getting off tumblr? Any way to help me become more productive?

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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