Page 35 of 365: Party dresses!


Hello wonderful people of the internet!

As someone who turned 18 six months ago (Bouncy Castle Party Blog Post Here), I’m in the year of a lot of 18th birthday parties.

Parties mean dresses and I have two in my wardrobe that I normally wear but I want to buy a new one for the parties coming up in the next few months! I’ve found three but I don’t know which to pick, so I thought I’d share them and talk about what I like about each and maybe you guys could help me choose!

TFNC Lace Prom Dress

I love the colour of this dress and the lace patterning looks beautiful. The dresses I’ve picked are all skater style dresses as the gathered waistline is most flattering on my figure. However, I’m not sure about the lack of straps and the dress is only available in maximum size 14, and as ASOS’s sizes sometimes come up quite small I’m not sure how well it will fit. 

All of these dresses are in the sale so price isn’t an issue. This one is £11.

New Look Sweetheart Neckline Mini Skater Dress

I like this dress a lot – it’s very simple, decent, potentially a bit short as I’m 5’10” but I don’t think that bothers me too much if I’m totally honest. I have a lot of subtle, pendant necklaces and bracelets that I think could contrast the simplicity of of the dress. However the only size that might fit me that’s still in stock is a size 18, which might be too big. But it looks light enough that I won’t get too hot when I’ve had a few drinks. Obviously I won’t have more than three drinks. Just coca cola. Hi mum. Nervous laughter.

With a pair of black heels or maybe converse, I think this £9.50 dress could be very striking.

ASOS Skater Dress with Lace Panels

In the same way as the first dress, I love the colours in this dress – the dark red/maroon colour is one of my favourites and the chiffon material in the skirt looks really pretty. I like the thin straps on this dress, the little bit of lace and the ribbon around the waist but I don’t know if the white might make my skin look even paler than it already is.

With a pendant necklace and a few bracelets, this £12 dress could be very fitting for a party.

I’m really indecisive, did that come across? Which dress do you like? Do you have any preferences when you’re buying dresses for an occasion? Please tell me in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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