Page 34 of 365: Routine



At the turn of the new year, a lot of people decide to get fitter or eat healthier or start a new blogging project (cough) and by February a lot of these resolutions were left in the first week of January.

For me, the reason this resolution has lasted 34 days (so far) is because forcing myself into routine is the way I turn things like this into natural habits. My resolutions for 2015 included looking after my body more (i.e. eating healthily and looking after my skin and hair a lot more) and this blog and forced routine is how I’ve kept it up.

I bought a lot of face scrubs and body scrubs and moisturisers and hair treatments at the beginning of the year and I’ve got a lovely little routine. Every morning when I get up I brush my teeth and use a daily face scrub and moisturise, which has already had a positive impact on my skin, then I get dressed and go to school. When I get home from school I take off all my make-up, cleanse and moisturise again. I either then do some work or go to dance (take each day as it comes). If it’s a shower day, I’ll use my ‘New’ shampoo bar from Lush, Lee Stafford’s hair treatment for hair that never grows past a certain length and some TRESemme conditioner that I saw my sister using. I desperately want my hair to grow a bit longer and looking after it, making it healthy is the best way to do with. When I get out the shower, I moisturise my arms and face (again, yes), brushing my hair while it’s wet and putting on a hoodie that’s three sizes too big and sitting in the living room to write a blog post.

I write my blog posts after dinner when I’ve done my homework for the day and I film, edit and upload my YouTube videos on a Sunday, maybe filming and editing them in advance it I’m feeling organised.

Routine’s are so, so helpful to me and even though this blog post is going up at half past eleven on a Tuesday night, it’s going up!

If you really want to stick to a New Years Resolution, how do you go about it? Do you have any techniques that really help something stick? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading,

Sophie xx

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