Page 33 of 365: Snow



In England at this time of year, we normally get a flurry of snow. Also known as, ‘Sophie didn’t know what to blog about and when she asked her mum, the only word she said was “snow”‘.

The header photo was a photo I took in late December 2014 on a ring road in my town. I was really happy with how that photo turned out even though most of the others I took were out of focus.

It was (what my sister calls) ‘fluffy raining’ earlier this evening and the forecast is that it should snow considerably tomorrow morning. If it means that school is cancelled, I’ll be a happy bunny!

My sister is 17 years old, just saying.

Snow still excites me but nowhere near as much as it did when I was a kid. I think I’m too old to go sledging and build a snowman but I love winter photography and going for long walks by myself so if it does snow that’s what I’ll do but other than that it’s quite inconvenient – it means my mum can’t go to work and she gets frustrated, I can’t get to dance because it’s snowy, icy and dark and it’s even colder than usual and my toes freeze off.

Is that a sign that I’m getting too old? Snow doesn’t really excite me anymore and part of me longs for that childhood innocence and delight that snow brings but, as I’ve expressed in many blog posts, growing up appeals to me a lot right now. 

Am I getting too old and miserable? Does the magic of snow really ever die or have I watched Frozen too many times? Tell me your thoughts and snow stories in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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