Page 30 of 365: I wrote a book


Why hello there!

I can’t remember exactly if I’ve mentioned it explicitly, but I have written a book. I wrote it whilst working with in November of 2012, when I was 16.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it’s a non-profit website run by donations and sponsorships. It’s a community of people all aiming to write 50,000 words within the 30 day period.

I found out about NaNoWriMo from YouTuber iTalkToSnakes, now more commonly known as Kristina Horner, who is a regular participant in NaNoWriMo.

The first year I tried NaNoWriMo was with an idea I’m still quite fond of called ‘On The Flipside’ but at 15 I wasn’t very committed – I wrote around 15,000 words and I don’t think I’ve looked at it since 2011.

However, the next year was much more successful. I’d had the idea of the century – it’s going to be a best seller and have a movie franchise and I’m going to get loads of my favourite celebrities and YouTubers and cameo (it’s going to be amazing).

I was so inspired that I started planning straight away – I knew exactly how I was going to fill the 50,000 words and I was incredibly motivated to start writing. My experience with the previous year made me start writing two weeks in advance, so by November 1st, I was already 10,000 words into my story.

And by November 28th I’d finished it. 50,280 words from beginning to end with flawed characters, some questionable plot holes and much room for improvement and it is the single thing I am most proud of in my whole life. There’s so much that needs to be improved within that novel and I’ve barely had any time since 2012 to write anything more.

I hope when I finish school that I’ll perhaps be able to find the time to be dedicated to writing the book to publishing standard because I really do want to share it with more than my immediately family and friends. But that’s a long time away I think.

If you have any questions about creative writing, my experiences with it or anything about my book please leave it in the comments, I’d love some feedback!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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