Day 28 of 365: the lights appeared out of the darkness (creative writing)


Why hello there!

Today is more creative writing – I found this post on tumblr and I thought it was a really good collection of inspiring links as I’ve really struggled with finding this kind of immediate inspiration before.

I hope you enjoy!

The lights appeared out of the darkness.

I squinted, on one hand surprised and on the other the brightness hurt my eyes. I pulled the sheet covering my body closer, feeling the dry dirt under my fingernails and breaking my skin.

But I was so tired – my eyes ached from the lights and they felt like they were sinking into my head. I curled in closer to myself, trying to find some warmth and comfort in the vulnerability of my bare skin.

I heard footsteps but I didn’t have the energy to look up. It’s like I could feel the presence of the trees around me, I’d been wondering this wood for what felt like weeks, I’d found this sheet draped over a crashed car – I had no idea what happened to me.

The footsteps stopped, I tried to look up but my neck felt stiff and my body wouldn’t stop aching. I felt hands trying to pull me upright and pulling the sheet away. I didn’t have the energy to fight but watch as the owner of these gentle hands fed my arms through her hoodie sleeves and helped me to my feet.

The jacket drowned me which worked in favour of my modesty. The woman tried to pull me to my feet but I grabbed her hands – wanting her to stop for a second so I could look at her.

She had dark purple hair, scraped back into a messy bun with loose strands falling in front of her eyes; those bright, bright eyes. They were so wide and blue and emotionless – I didn’t know if she cared who I was, if she just wanted me out the way or if she was the reason I was here.

She rolled her eyes, her lips parting to let out an almost inaudible sigh and her strong hand grabbing at my upper arm, pulling me to my feet and tucking me under her arm to take me to her car. She bundled me into the passenger side with a couple of blankets and I watched her walk through the headlights to sit in the drivers seat.

“Wh-who are you?” I whispered, frozen to the bone but absolutely terrified of who I might have met.

She sighed again, her hands on the steering wheel gripping so that her knuckles went white for a second. 

“Did you do this to me?”

“No. I would never do this to anyone.”

“What happened? What’s going on? Why me?” I felt my voice shaking and she instantly reached out to put her soothing hand on my shoulder.

“First of all, take a deep breath. You’re okay, you’re safe now.”

“Safe from what?”

She sighed again. She was cute but it’s got to the point where the sighs and the lack of explanation were beginning to tickle my nerves. She noticed. She held her palm flat in front of her and glanced at me.

Her hand began to glow, a soft green light focusing around the tips of her fingers and what looked like flowers and leaves twisted and turned under her control. Her fingers began to curl into her palm and the soft green burned into an autumn orange.


“If it were up to me, I wouldn’t have done this to you.”

“I can do that?”

“You will be able to.”

“What’s so bad about that?”

“It’s not that – it’s the lengths people will go to, when they know you can do that, to kill you.”

I love writing fantasy and I thoroughly enjoyed this – I hope you did too!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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