Page 27 of 365: The Future is Not Now



Since sitting my mock exams last week (I feel like I’ve mentioned them a lot, sorry!), all anyone has talked about is university and the future and I know I’m not the first to say that this is completely terrifying.

I have never been massively motivated for university – I found a course I really liked on the open day but come three months later and it doesn’t make me excited anymore. Being in education for potentially three more years doesn’t excite me, having to move out and being thrust into a brand new situation with brand new people with parties and self-funding and self-responsibility terrifies me.

Absolutely terrifies me.

On a practical note, all I want to do right now is join a tour production team as a stage hand or a promotions assistant and tour whilst learning on the job – that sounds ideal.

But I don’t want to think about it. My future is not a decision I need to make now – too much pressure is put on students even from GCSE age to know exactly what you’re doing for the next 10 years and that’s just not the case. My GCSE’s somewhat influenced my A Levels (barely, I ended up taking compulsory subjects anyway) and my A Levels have somewhat helped me refine what I wanted to further study, which isn’t an available A Level.

I’m done with studying. My hobbies and my own research have made me find what I want to do with my life – YouTube is the main reason I know what I want to do in the future and it’s incredibly frustrating that I have to put up with doing incredibly badly at school before I can actually get on and do something that makes me happy.

Far too much pressure is put on teenagers to make choices and know what their plan is – I know potentially hundreds of people who hate what their doing, the education system and consequently themselves because of the decisions they’ve been forced to make; people who hate school or college or their A Levels or their course. This just makes them – us – more stressed and it puts a mental block in your head.

For me I just get a headache when I see a block of text and I can’t read it; I can’t sleep; even with my glasses I can barely see because I’m so tired and I’m so stressed out.

I’m not saying it can be changed overnight, I know that changing the entire education system doesn’t work like that – I’m not naive enough to believe it but I think the Americans might be on track with their education system. From what I understand, there’s junior school, middle school (which isolates children at their most irritating age so they’re only with each other and not bothering the older students with their ‘maturity’ and ‘swag) and then high school or college?

The upper education system I don’t quite understand, but from what I’ve read and seen of high school/college in books and TV it sounds like you don’t pick specific subjects until much later in your educational career – you choose different subjects for a semester and then you choose other subjects and then you major in something later?

I don’t really understand it but from what I do get, you don’t have to choose more specifically until you’ve experienced much more than I’ve had the chance to. 

Rant over. School is horrible. The future is really not as imminent as they have to believe it is.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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