Page 24 of 365: Family Day (photography)



This weekend is going to be one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had since Christmas. My mock exams are all over, I don’t have any (much) homework and I’m going to spend most of tomorrow working on my book and writing for my creative writing blog and I’m really excited.

Today, my family and I went into a town just half an hour away from where we live to have a browse and shop a little bit. It’s a beautiful little historic town and my mum suggested that my sister and I took our cameras as whilst it was absolutely bone-cold freezing, the sun was shining and she was right – it was beautiful.

Here’s a few of the photos I took, I’m about to publish them on my photography blog Photography Sophie so if you’d like to reblog and share them that would be fantastic.

I’ve just realised how studious my sister looks but she’s so pretty and I adore this photo a lot.

This is how pretty this town is okay? This river is so beautiful and there’s so much nature, it’s just so pretty.

Now a slightly less out of focus river, yay!

This is the river from the other side of the bridge and I want someone to paint this how beautiful would that be?

I like taking shots of people but the only people I have to take pictures of is a single person that is my sister.

I really like this but that might be because it’s technically a picture of Pizza Express.

Isn’t my sister a photogenic little bum hole? (I use the term ‘bum hole’ affectionately, fear not)

We had a wonderful view from our table.

Pretty river.

Pretty river from a different angle.

Pretty river with a bench.

Pretty river with a pretty photographer sitting on the bench.

Pretty river with a pretty photographer sitting on the bench with her dad.

Pretty river with a pretty photographer sitting on the bench with her mum and dad.

Getting all artsy fartsy with the angles.


I love this photo so much an I don’t know why.

It’s a really pretty river okay?

So many pretty pictures, made winter seem a little bit more like spring!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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