Page 21 of 365: Not Quite a Day in the Life



The header picture is a visual representation of how I felt yesterday.

Today brings a much more enthusiastic blog post after the excuse that was yesterdays! I sat my English Literature exam this afternoon and I wouldn’t say it was perfect but it was okay and not enough to completely fail and disappoint my teachers too much. I had to answer a question on how deceit was presented in Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ and I actually enjoyed it a lot. It did remind me why I love English Literature if nothing else!

In other, slightly more exciting news, I tell you the story about the second interview I’ve ever been too. When I went to Southampton Solent University for my interview regarding my university place (I got an offer the same day, which I was very proud of) and as I applied for a journalism course, it was suggested that I bring a portfolio of work I’d done. I took a story I wrote on my tumblr, a blog post I wrote, a summary of my YouTube channel, an article I wrote for my school’s bulletin, a newspaper article I wrote and a copy of my book.

Saying ‘my book’ is kind of general I suppose – I wrote a book in six weeks in the butt end of 2012 when I was 16 and then got 5 free copies printed with a drawing that my best friend did on the front. I gave one copy to one of my best friend’s at the time, I’ve just given a copy to my Nan and I have three copies at home. I took it with me to the interview because it was a 50,000 word that I wrote when I was 16. 

The guy interviewing me suddenly got very excited – he told me that he wanted to get one of his students to interview me (from a journalistic point of view) for their website. I talked to a girl called Grace who asked me for some basic details and got my number so we could organise a phone interview. A few weeks later I was interviewed by Grace and the other day my mum found the interview by accident on Google.

There’s an article regarding literacy rates in England, me and my book and NaNoWriMo, an audio interview with me and an accompanying video more about creative writing in young people. It’s really interesting and you can read it here!

In much less interesting news, I’ve made a plan for the rest of the week and that’s exciting to me. I’m revising maths with my friend tomorrow, I’ve got my last exam on Friday morning and I’m hoping to make loads of YouTube videos during the day before dance in the evening. Saturday I’m going to spend all day reading and redrafting my book because I’m super inspired to write right now. It’s going to be a lovely weekend and my friend is staying over on Saturday and we’re going to drink and cuddle and over share, it’s going to be fantastic.

Should you make more blog posts about writing? I’ve got a lot to say so if you want to read it, I will write it!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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