Page 20 of 365: Excuses


I greet you with a more subdued ‘hello’ today,

I’m in a period of mock exams at the moment (as explained in Sunday’s YouTube video ‘Mocks are Stupid‘) and I’m really not very good at revising.

I really hope my teachers don’t know about this blog because they’re not going to want to read that instead of revising the day before my exam, I read and finished Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, by reading the concluding three hundred pages.

On a side note, one of my favourite books of all time – I can relate so much to the protagonist character Cath and if only people like Levi really existed! I wanted ten.

But that’s not helping me learn Oedipus Rex or King Lear by heart for my closed text exam. I’m going to have to bluff it because I’m an awful human being and I’m ashamed of myself, but that is my excuse for this pathetic blog post today. That and my computer was taken away by the computer doctor and I’m currently working on my mum’s spare computer, that’s definitely an excuse right?

Tuesday’s are always the most difficult because I get back from dance at 10, it’s 10.30 by the time I’ve showered and then it’s normally closer to midnight by the time I actually get around to finishing a post.

And here concludes the day Sophie made excuses as if that makes up for the not-blog post. For a much better blog post do come back tomorrow, I think i’m going to be writing another short story.

Thanks for reading, though I’m not entirely sure why you’ve made it this far!

Sophie xx

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