Page 18 of 365: Inspirational Sprinkle of Glitter


Hiya (Sprinklerinos?),

Today, five years ago, Louse Sprinkle of Glitter, uploaded her first YouTube video and I’m sure I’m not the first to say aren’t we glad about it?!

Louise makes a huge variety of videos on her channel, from beauty and style to life advice and family videos with her daughter Darcy and husband Matt. She is bringing so many new things to YouTube – in 2014 she started her live show LouiseLIVE, bringing something new to the traditional meet and greet alongside bridging the gaps between clear ‘social groups’ that had formed on YouTube and I couldn’t be happier for it.

I love so many YouTubers and they all seemed to be so exclusive that I couldn’t even begin to explain how happy I was when I saw Louise making friends with Jack Howard, Hazel Hayes (who spoke very highly of Louise at the My Shoebox Meet Up, watch my vlog here) and just the other day, she tweeted about meeting long-term friend Zoe Sugg, Hazel Hayes and young YouTuber with a ukulele Dodie Clark (one of the most adorable YouTubers I’ve ever seen, I love her).

And here comes the ‘but I’m not the same as everyone else’ bit, right? Louise inspired me to blog this year – she tweeted around the new year that she only made 97 posts on her blog in 2014, when I looked at my measly 8 in between getting lost in her blog as I always do and I knew I had to make more of an effort with my blog this year.

Louise is such a beautiful human being – she’s absolutely stunning, she positively influences so many young viewers and she’s witty and innovative all the while. I couldn’t speak more highly of Louise and I wish her all the best for 2015!

And, on the odd chance that she may be reading, I have a YouTube channel and one of my New Years Resolutions was to collaborate more. Cough, cough. Just kidding (mostly) – thank you for everything Louise, please never adapt what you’re doing for an audience because we love what you’re doing anyway!

On a non-Louise-related note, I posted a new YouTube video about my thoughts on mock exams if you’d like to give it a watch!

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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