Page 17 of 365: Sunset Photography



My sister got her birthday/Christmas present Canon EOS 100D DSLR camera (the same as mine) and we went to visit my Nan today. There’s a little grave yard in her village and whilst somewhat sinister, it was beautiful and we had a really nice little afternoon.

So here we have the first post in the ‘Page’ project that is made up almost entirely of photos. Enjoy!

Gorgeous photo of my sister and my mum with her eyes closed!

The graveyard in my Nan’s village

My sister taking photos with her Canon EOS 100D

The sunlight on the grave stones

I saw a gravestone with a guitar on it and obviously I had to take a picture of it

I thought this was beautiful, I couldn’t resist

I got all artsy-fartsy with my sister and told her to pose!

I thought this little cross was so sweet, there was a wreath with Christmas decorations too.

I’m a sucker for a sunlight shot, especially with all those shadows.

I love the lens flare, it may not be original but I love the colours here.

It’s a slightly different angle, okay?

I don’t really know what happened but it makes this little village look like so much more than it is!

My sister found a cat.

I could be a photographer really (I’m joking).

I’m really happy with these photos. My sister – Laura – got some really nice shots as well but most of them were quite similar to mine, so here are some pictures she took of me because apparently I’m much more vain than I thought I was.

I really like the way she’s caught the sun in my hair.

Dance jumps, my legs are meant to be bent. It’s called attitude (and I’m not even joking). 

An arabesque, how beautiful!

She wanted me to do a frog leap and both my expression and my hair are hilarious!

This makes me bum look huge but I really like this to be honest.

An action shot, I don’t even know what photo I was taking at this point.

This silhouette is gorgeous, not because I am the subject but because of the photo. I’m not that vain!

Very photographic day, if I do say so myself. I’ll be posting these on my photography blog on tumblr (photography-sophie) if you want to help me share and like my photos.

Thanks for reading,

Sophie xx

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