Page 12 of 365: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ review



This morning at just gone 8am (GMT), Alex Gaskarth and Rian Dawson of All Time Low appeared on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show to play the new single from their upcoming album Future Hearts.

Something’s Gotta Give was the obvious choice for the first single, they said on this mornings breakfast show. Having taken a year off to write and produce their new album, they said they were relieved to get back into performing and gigs.

The worldwide twitter trending topic ‘HiyaAllTimeLow’ suggests that a lot of people were excited and waiting for this song, including me, so I better start reviewing.

Disclaimer: this review is extremely biased because All Time Low are my favourite band and I adore them.

The overall tone of the song captures the essence of the genre that All Time Low play in – little bit of pop, a handful rock and a smudge of punk make this record everything that ATL always have been with something a little bit newer. I think the song sounds like band You Me At Six (perhaps ahead of the coheadline tour they’re doing together in Spring this year).

Lyrically, as usually, Something’s Gotta Give is beautiful and heartfelt with that little bit of ATL bluntness with the opening line ‘I woke up in a strangers bed’ but then returns to Gaskarth’s usual lyrical beauty with lines such as ‘I’m sinking / You’re waiting / I’m thinking something’s gotta give’ and ‘Someone please come pull me out from the shadow of my doubt’. I love how the lyrics are relatable and meaningful without trying to be all prestigious and full of imagery. It’s realistic and raw and that’s one of my favourite things about All Time Low.

I’m a really big fan of the guitars in this track – I think they’re heavier than some of their other big singles and I love this focus on the instruments. The harmonies in the chorus are spot on and they really place emphasis on the wonderful lyrics ‘Wake me up / Say enough is enough / I’m dying to live’ that open the chorus.

As a long term All Time Low fan, I sat on my bed this morning smiling madly as I felt my chest swell with pride. I love All Time Low so much and I could never find words that truly explain how excited I am for this album. Future Hearts is going to be fantastic and I’ll be sure to share my opinions when it comes out!

Have you heard Something’s Gotta Give? Are you going to be listening to Future Hearts when it comes out in March? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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Sophie xx

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