Page 5 of 365: Stress


I had this lovely blog post planned about my favourite music from last year but now I’m in the process of finishing a three thousand word essay (not finished yet – estimated time of completion is currently around 1am the day it’s due) on Atonement, poems by Gerard Manley Hopkins and Notes on a Scandal.

If you’ve not read any of those works, I don’t suggest you do. They’re really not worth you’re time and they’re really not worth three thousand words of analysis, structure, context, criticism and comparison.

Only someone who’s been writing an English essay for about four days straight could throw those 5 words at you.

Today was my first day back at school of the beginning of my last calendar year of school ever. Yes, in theory and on paper this is exciting, but I’ve got mocks next week, about five more modules to learn before exams in June, AS Level resits and then a three month wait till results day when I will be exhausted and jet lagged (from a trip to Ecuador – that’s another blog post in itself) and I will have to make big important decisions about whether I will go to Uni or take an apprenticeship and where I’ll go to Uni if I don’t take an apprenticeship.

Stressed? Me? Yes. Incredibly. (help me)

This is probably the point where most bloggers would start giving hints or tips on how to survive stress and how to get through these stressful times but I’ve not found any hints or tips that have worked as of yet. For me, frequent breaks when my mind start to wonder help me focus (which is why this blog post is getting written, if I’m being honest) and either intense, loud music that blocks everything out or complete silence are the best environments for me to work in.

My computer clock says 00:03 right now so all my family (00:04) are tucked up in bed asleep so the only sounds are my candles flickering, my fingers burning up as I type way faster than I thought I was capable of and my hard drive whirring away.

It’s bliss.

I quite like working this late at night, in all fairness I’d rather it was a blog post or a video or a particular work of fiction (00:05) I’m completely engrossed in but tonight it’s an essay. I like analysis too, that’s the biggest ‘sods law’ part of it. I like analysing and picking things apart and looking at each little individual word is used (00:06). I just don’t like when you have to write an essay to hit marking points rather than to really explore the meaning of the text you’re reading.

So there’s my late night ramble, I’m off to finish my essay. I’ll let you know how it goes if it’s good – if you don’t hear from me assume it’s bad. I don’t think it’s very good but teacher’s get apprehensive of marking if you say that, so I just give a non-commital shoulder shrug when they ask how it went.

I want to hear from you! If you’re in school, do you go back to school this week? Is the whole thing stressing you out? Do you have any tips for how I could handle my stress a bit better? Or maybe some time management tips so I’m not writing my next essay at 1am on the morning it’s due in!

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it,

Sophie xx

(the lovely post about music I liked from last year will be up tomorrow!)

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