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Okay, if you’re reading this you’ve probably clicked the link I put on tumblr and you’re the sweetest, okay? Okay.

Jenny has been my friend since we were tots – she was my sister’s best friend when she was two or three and I’ve always thought she was rad (Jenny, not my sister, but my sister too). We both did ballet and I used to think I was better because I was put in a higher grade but looking back I remember thinking that because I knew she was better than me really.

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We must have gone some years without really talking but we were younger than ten so it didn’t really mean anything. I moved dance schools when I was 11 and suddenly Jenny and I were spending a lot more time together. A couple of years into my life at Welland School of Dancing and Jen and I were in a couple of the same dance classes. We rediscovered each other I suppose, mostly through dance.

I can’t quite pinpoint at what point she became someone so important to me but she’s more than a best friend – she’s a sister to me. We rarely talk by text, we go weeks without talking but we tell each other everything, we go to concerts together, we fight, we hate each other, we treat each other badly but we miss each other all the time. She’s my sister and I love her dearly – she’s my rock and I’d be so, so much less than who I am today without that girl.

Here’s a variety of photos to show how much I love her and how much we owe to puberty, but words can’t really express it. It would be really amazing if you could follow her on tumblr, she has an incredible blog. I get lost in it regularly. She’s destined for Michael Clifford. And then she’s going to introduce me to Ashton and it’s going to be fantastic.

I’m kidding (mostly) but we might get married. I love you too much Jen, I hope you’ll be in my life till the bitter end.

Okay, soppy photo montage, go!

A spider and a hunter in our dance show (March 2014)

Rival gangs in West Side Story, featuring Amelia who thinks too highly of us, school show (March 2014)

Laughing action shot from my birthday party (September 2014)

When we met Jack Howard and Tim Hautekiet at a Muse concert (May 2013)

After meeting Jack Howard and Tim Hautekiet at a Muse concert (May 2013)

Madame Toussauds trip with my sister (May 2013)

Awkwardly posing with Iron Man at Madame Toussauds (May 2013)

Our first One Direction concert together, when Jenny introduced me to 5 Seconds of Summer (March 2013)

Seeing We Will Rock You in London on a school trip (November 2011)

Dance performance, apparently we thought this ‘lift’ was impressive (May 2011)

We Will Rock You, school show (March 2012)

Backstage picture at some sort of dance show (June 2012)

At our second One Direction concert, mostly for 5 Seconds of Summer (June 2014)

We were being sea cucumbers with Katy (July 2012)

I didn’t realise how many silly photos I had and I have a lot worse but these were my favourites. I love you so much Jenny, I’m trying to make this not sound like a proposal but I would have no objection if you wanted to marry me. Love you lots girl ❤

‘My name is Sophie and you should follow @supernova5sos on tumblr’

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