Celebrity Gossip and Why It Shouldn’t Be Important


I have to start by saying that I feel pretty passionate about this so I can’t promise a completely unbiased blog post, but people like opinions don’t they? Either way; thought I’d warn you.

“Celebrity gossip: scandalous stories about the personal lives of celebrities and other well-known individuals”

(I quoted a definition, does that make this more like an investigative article? Is that good?)

My basic argument is this – celebrities are more often than not ‘celebrities’ because they chose to showcase their talent (whether it be music, acting or anything else). Without that, they wouldn’t be famous. More often than not, the only thing they want to share is their talent – the music or films, for example.

Some people argue that once someone decides to share a skill or talent, they’ve decided to share themselves with the world.


These people that just happen to be in magazines and on TV do not owe anyone anything. If you go to meet your favourite band at the airport and they don’t stop to take a picture with you (for whatever reason that might be) you should definitely not be giving them shit for it on Twitter and other social media.

This may be a surprise but they’re real people – if someone came up to you after you’ve been on a plane for 10 hours or you’ve just finished a morning workout, would you want someone to scream at you, cry, tell you they love you and you’re destined to be together and then ask for a selfie? No one would want that!

Because it’s a breach of personal space and respect.

I can’t even begin to complain – I’m a stupid teenager with a blog, a YouTube account and a fairly popular tumblr blog but I do receive hateful comments. I made a video about punk rock once and people have absolutely slated it. I wore a shade of lip stick that at least 5 people (or the same person 5 times) told me didn’t suit me and made me look pale.

The point I want to make is at what point do people feel they can comment on this? It’s not their life, it’s not your life decision – just because someone has decided to share their life online or in the media, it does not invite anyone else into that life.

I can’t understand at what point of ‘loving’ a celebrity, someone thinks it’s okay for them to ignore human boundaries that can make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. But I’m interested to see what other people think – do you think celebrities ‘owe’ their fans more than just the talent they chose to share? Do you think celebrity gossip is too much or just some harmless fun? How far is too far?

‘My name is Sophie and I have a lot of opinions on celebrity culture’

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